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Idiotic statement
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On 2/20/2016 at 1:48 PM, David Von Pein said:

I didn't say that my quotes you used (without my permission) in your 2-part smear piece against me in 2010 came from THIS site, Jimmy. I think most of the quotes you used came from Debra Conway's old Lancer forum. But, so what? The point is still the same. Lancer undoubtedly had about the same "Terms of Use" rules in place as Edu. Forum does, right?

So, did you get Lancer's express permission to use my quotes in your DVP smear piece? Of course you didn't. Nobody ever does. Who would? They're posts on a public forum. And I'm pretty certain Jon Tidd's first post is accurate. It's not illegal to copy quotes from any public forum or website and use them elsewhere on the Internet.

Can you just imagine the massive number of lawsuits that there would be if "copying & pasting" Internet quotes to other sites suddenly became a major violation? There wouldn't be enough lawyers in the world to handle all the cases. It's absurd.

Jim Hargrove started this ridiculous thread merely because of my status as a Lone Nutter -- and for NO other possible reason.

To prove I'm right, just ask yourself this question----

Do you think Hargrove would have even considered (for even a brief instant) starting up a thread like this one if it was Jim DiEugenio or John Armstrong or Mark Lane or Greg Parker or Jon Tidd who had copied posts written by other people to their websites? (And, of course, DiEugenio and Parker HAVE done just that--many times--in the past. What person who owns a "JFK" website HASN'T?)

I rest my case.

I sure hope we, as a community, can stop smearing one another altogether.  

Fellas and fefellas, we're not children, we've been at this for quite some time now, right?

Isn't it time to stop personal attacks, respect each other's opinions, and just present our points of view?

I used to absolutely abhor some people here, not for their information in their postings... It was simply the dismissive manner, the denigration, or ugly name calling going on which brought out my own less than gentlemanly responses.

I made a decision to make every attempt to let the information I shared do my persuading for me.

People, I am sure, come here to find reasoned and objective points of view.  Maybe not so much to find us arguing like little kids.

I respect, sometimes grudgingly, your beliefs and points of view. 

Mutual respect, despite divergent viewpoints, is the difference between argument and debate.

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