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Gerald Ford White House altered Rockefeller Commission Report

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I remember reading an account by a woman in the Justice Department who was part of the team of lawyers who were drawing up the criminal charges against Richard Nixon in the Watergate affair. (She may have been the only woman on that panel, but I'm not sure of that). She was complaining about Ford's efforts to interfere in that effort. Ford was a dangerous man.

Steve Thomas

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But they guy who actually did the editing of the report appears to have been Cheney.

Ford was a really bad president, as one would expect from his service on the WC.

He keeps the criminal Kissinger; and then brings in two guys even worse, Rumsfeld and Cheney. Cheney edits this report to remove any evidence of CIA plots against foreign leaders. And what is little known is that Ford himself made sure that there would be no inquiry into domestic assassinations. He let that slip at a private new junket with the NY Times. But Dan Schorr later reported it. Before he got fired by CIA Director George Bush who actually went to CBS and demanded he be removed.

But when Ford brought in the two fruits Rumsfeld and Cheney, they thought that Kissinger was too friendly with the Soviets. And, with the help of Bush, they started Team 2, that is the separate intel estimate of how powerful the Russian military was. Most people think this was the real beginning of the neoconservative movement. As it was.

Ford was not there very long, but he sure screwed up whatever he touched.

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Below is the only good thing Ford did if you ask me:


But like the rest of them, he never said it in public.

Edited by James DiEugenio
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