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Mr. Caddy - was E.Howard Hunt one of the 'tramps'?

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2 minutes ago, Cliff Varnell said:

,Hunt took the fall for Watergate. I think he’d been wearing the patsy jacket for a while.

Hunt seems to have been a spy inside the Nixon White House for Richard Helms. Hunt’s principal, then, was neither fellow Brown alumnus Chuck Colson (whom Hunt had been pestering since 1969 about a job in the White House), nor Gordon Liddy. Hunt was first, last and always a CIA man.
Hunt went to jail to keep hidden his role in the JFK assassination. Both Hunt and Nixon had dirt on the other, and I believe both were playing a very dangerous game of blackmail.

Blackmailers usually wind up dead.

So, had the JFK assassination unraveled to the point where top people were threatened, could they have thrown Hunt to the wolves?

Once JFK’s heart stopped, that question was moot - the plotters were confident that the coverup would hold.

It did.



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