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Global Warming, Peak Oil, and related topics

Wade Frazier

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Thanks Melinda:

You can tell where James Cameron got some of his ideas for Avatar from.  The sequel(s) is going to have underwater scenes, and I expect that we will see creatures that resemble those jellyfish.  Jellyfish are among Earth’s oldest animals.  

Yes indeed, human spirituality, consciousness, and the like will flower in ways currently hard to imagine when the hum of fear and scarcity is removed from our daily lives.  

Yes, the oceans are being killed off by humanity, in numerous ways, from overfishing to habitat destruction to anoxia to acidification to plastic and chemical pollution, etc.  We use the ocean as one big toilet and garbage dump.  

There is a relationship between climate change and solar activity, such as the Little Ice Age, so it has been studied (the Sun is about 25% brighter than it was a couple billion years ago, as it gradually brightens, which will put an end to Earth one day), but solar variation pales when compared to the skyrocketing carbon dioxide levels that humanity is solely responsible for.  It is our responsibility to control our effects, not get all worked up about what the Sun is doing.  The Sun’s output is exceedingly stable.  Yes, a scientifically illiterate public is easily manipulated, which is why at least some scientific literacy is a choir requirement, to stay out of rabbit holes that go nowhere.  

In my forum writings, perhaps the single most contentious issue has been global warming.  You can see it on this thread an elsewhere, where scientifically illiterate people groove to my work until they get their global warming ox gored, and then they run away or attack.  The basics are easy to understand.  There is no debate at all among anybody with the slightest scientific literacy that carbon dioxide traps infrared radiation and warms the atmosphere.  None.  There is also no credible dispute that humanity’s industrial era has caused carbon dioxide levels to skyrocket.  None.  We can do something about our behavior.  We can’t do much about the Sun.  :)  

As Uncle Noam has said, we are all the most responsible for the predictable consequences of our actions, not somebody else’s.  It is an Ethics 101 concept, but for people playing the victim, the idea is avoided like the plague.  That is also a key mystical understanding.  When we pass over, we are accountable for our actions, not somebody else’s.  That is the whole point of being here.  

The global warming “debate” today is almost completely fraudulent, led by “scientists” who sold their souls to the hydrocarbon lobby, and scientifically illiterate “free thinkers” lap it up, as it seemingly absolves us of responsibility for our actions.  It is really bizarre that so-called “free thinkers” march to the tune of the hydrocarbon lobby, thinking that they are somehow exercising their critical thinking faculties, even being noble about it.  There is a world of difference between describing problems and pursuing solutions.  

Krishna recently mentioned how Richard Heinberg is good at describing the role of energy in our world.  I agree, and I give him credit for an exercise that I recommend.  He is a very articulate spokesman for Peak Oil, which has already been reached, globally.  However, his “solution” is to depopulate Earth by 90% or so, and he considered free energy just long enough to semi-ridicule it.  So, he is great at describing the problems, but is terrible and even arguably fraudulent in proposing solutions.  This is a very common issue.  Yes, the global warming issue has become a huge political football, but that does not mean that the problem is illusory.  Creating the problem and then cashing in on the “solution” is standard racketeering practice.  

The Global Controllers will also offer “solutions” that ensure that they stay dominant while still hiding in the shadows.  I can almost live with their truck-sized fusion “solution,” as they sell it for $1 billion a pop.  But it is just one more fraudulent “solution.”  

With free energy, these problems are laughably easy to remedy, and whatever the Sun does will not matter to human welfare.  That is one of the surreal aspects of my journey. The solution to it all is studiously ignored by all sides.  Brian O was beside himself over that.  

Nice post, Melinda.  



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