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Ted Hammond

Ted Hammond

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Location, Rosemount, MN
Photographer: Assignments with Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, AP, UPI, CBS Sports.
Interests: Photography, sailing, cooking, nature, Classic Films.
68 Years old.

Hello, My name is Ted Hammond. I have been a photographer since 1966. At the University of Minnesota I was asked to help with JFK Assassination photography in 1968. I was given negatives and asked to print them, given prints and asked to make negatives and enlarge the prints, etc. I also helped a researcher with the Zapruder film as he gave talks at colleges on the assassination. I was given a copy of the Zapruder film in 1969, and have studied that film for many years. I pulled away from the research for many years, and am now retired and have regained my interest. I am very interested in the research being done on this page and have great respect for the people and posts. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this group.

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