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John J. McCloy, America's "C"

Jim Root

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I posted this under the topic French Connection but thought it might deserve its own thread.

In October of 1940 John J. McCloy was brought into the War Department to reorganize military intellegence by Henry Stimson. Stimson asked him to review the War Department's skeletal intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities and gear it up for the task ahead. (Sabotage at Black Tom, Jules Witcover pg 310)McCloy had had been a member of the firm of Cravath, deGersdorff, Swaine and Wood which represented Bethlehem Steel in their part of the case against Germany known as the Black Tom Affair. McCloy worked this case between 1931 and its successful conclusion (becomming the lead counsul for the whole case) in 1939 when the Mixed Claims Commission awarded $50 million to the American claimants.

In his position as Asst. Secretary of War it could be argued that he was in fact William Donovan's boss (note the need to place the OSS under the control of the military). His involvement in the creation of the National Security Council and the CIA, not to mention the World Bank and High Commissioner of Germany makes him, in my mind, a prime candidate to be Americas "C" (phrase used for Stuart Menzies, Great Britains head of all intellegence agencies during WWII and part of the Cold War period).

If McCloy was America's "C" the fact that he was needed on the Warren Commission elevates its importance of that commission to a degree and level that even we, perhaps, have not imagined. It would go beyound just a suggestion that Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of JFK reached into the highest eschelons of power.

Your thoughts,

Jim Root

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Great thread. McCloy was another Rockefeller / Bush / Bonesmen valet and messenger boy.



Two excellent posts back-to-back. If you two are as open-minded as I think you are, you are now ready to read a book by sociologist Donald Gibson titled The Kennedy assassination Cover-Up. In it you will find a good discussion on "the honorable" John J and his Rockefeller buddy "the honorable" Allen Dulles.

And if you should happen to follow this up with the establishment pap book by Kai Bird on McCloy and get as far as McCloy the American High Commissioner in Germany, you might want to ask yourselves why Bird doesn't mention Dulles in this chapter at all. This is strange, as Dulles was re-assigned from his station in Switzerland to work with the OSS in Germany. As McCloy was also an intelligence nut, they clearly would have worked together there. But I think they go back even further than that. Apparently it would not be a wise thing to mention to readers of this book the very, very close connection between these two way before the 1963 murder.

And when you consider that by 1963 they were both VIP's in that curious outfit in NYC called the Council on Foreign Relations (Dulles was a founding member, as was his brother) and that they were both Rockefeller employees for a long time, you may be willing to look at the assassination in this new light. Hope you will read the book. Good luck.

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You can also find a McCloy, Warren relationship in 1942 dealing with Japanese relocation. I have McCloy and Edwin Walker first together at the Battle of Kiska. Maxwell Taylor and McCloy together in Germany. McCloy and Dulles during the OSS to CIA days. Taylor and Walker together since 1927. Etc., etc. etc.

Just for good measure how about Walker and the movement of Nazi loot from Merker's Mine. The beat goes on but is it all just coincidence????

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In the book The Conquerors by Michael Beschloss we find a great discourse on the internal fight between Henry Morganthau and Sec. of War Stimson backed by John J. McCloy.

This internal fight centered upon the question, "After the surrender of Germany how would Germany be treated?" The Morganthau Plan called for Germany to be turned into an agrarian society without an industrial base. Morganthau wanted the harshest penalties imposed possible. The Stimson-McCloy Plan was to treat Germany in a "Christian" manner and rebuild the Germany industrial capability ASAP to create a buffer between "the white snows of Russia and the White Cliffs of Dover."

Needless to say McCloy would go on to become High Commissioner of Germany (imposing the Stimson-McCloy Plan) and the Morganthau Plan would become a historical footnote.

For myself I find an interesting historical fact in Beschloss book. Morganthau became upset because the War Department (Stimson-McCloy) had produced a rather top secrete "SHAEF Handbook" on how Germany and the German people were to be treated as the military began to occupy German Territory. Morganthau had been passed a copy of the handbook by Bernard Bernstein, Morganthaus man on Eisenhower’s staff. This "handbook" laid the foundation for the Stimson=McCloy Plan.

For several weeks/months leading up to the Presidential Election and encompassing the Quebec Conference this internal controversy hit the newspapers (leaks and counter leaks) creating a huge stir in the United States.

As a result of this controversy John J. McCloy began to monitor and limit the movements of Bernard Bernstein in Europe, "persuading" Eisenhower to keep him in England and not allow him into Germany.

Bernstein would eventually be allowed into German with the discovery of NAZI loot at Merkers Mine. The military commander that would accompany him while dealing with this "loot" was Col. Edwin Anderson Walker!


Jim Root

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