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Is the CIA monitoring our forum?

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From the article: “When you have private companies deciding which algorithms get you a so-called threat score, or make you a person of interest, there’s obviously room for targeting people based on viewpoints or even unlawfully targeting people based on race or religion,” said Lee Rowland, a senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.


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If the CIA is monitoring the Education Forum, I'd like to ask those folks a few questions that I've been curious about for a long, long time:

1. If it is true that the CIA orchestrated the ambush & murder of President Kennedy & did it for the purpose of invading Cuba, why did you folks replace him with a man who did NOT invade Cuba? Why didn't you assassinate LBJ too?

2. Can you explain to us how JFK's body left Dallas in an expensive bronze casket & arrived at Bethesda in a body bag inside a cheap shipping casket?

3. Why was it necessary for a pre-autopsy on President Kennedy to remove the real bullets that killed him? Wouldn't it have been just as easy to conduct a normal autopsy, turn everything found inside JFK's body over to Hoover & then Hoover simply trash out the real evidence & replace it with LHO ammo?

4. What was the Umbrella Man & 'The Cuban' really all about?

5. Why did some witnesses smell smoke as they were driven through the kill zone? Were fireworks or smoke grenades (flash-bang grenades) used during the ambush? Who used them & where were they positioned?

6. Would you explain to us how the ambush was conducted? Which sniper did what & where was he/she positioned? Did any of JFK's guards inside his parade car or in the followup car shoot President Kennedy? Did they fire any weapons at all during the attack on JFK, John Connally & James Tague?

7. When are you going to show us the amateur films that were confiscated post-attack? Are you going to show us what Mr. Zapruder really filmed before it was allegedly altered? How about the other films that were allegedly altered? Were CIA camera personnel taking films the public doesn't know about? Are you ever going to show us that footage?

8. Was the CIA running drugs during JFK's presidency. How did all that pot that started flowing into the USA in the mid 1960's get moving? Were you folks bringing it in?

9. Is it true the CIA has drone technology down to where they are the size of a hummingbird & can surveillance people below by loitering around objects like the tops of telephone poles & electrical power lines? Can they be directed to target & shoot people? When a small drone malfunctions & falls to earth, how do you prevent folks picking it up & examining it once they find it on the ground? Does the drone turn into something disgusting that people won't pick up (like dog droppings)?

10. If it is true that LHO was a Company asset & his assignment on Nov 22, 1963 was to ambush & murder JFK, since LHO was murdered after completing & accomplishing that assignment, what would his punishment have been had LHO failed to murder JFK?

11. Who was the railroad detective that was behind the fence on the grassy knoll & why was he present during the assassination? What activity in the rail yards was the man investigating?

12. Music legend Prince recently passed away suddenly. While some suspect the Creator Raptured Mr. Prince, others believe Prince's contract with Satan expired. What's the CIA's involvement in Prince's sudden death? Does Satan contact the Agency when someone's contract with the Devil expires? Tell us about that, please.....

.....That's all I can think of at this moment. I'll update it with more questions to keep the thread alive in the 1st couple of Forum pages. I've got a lot of questions....

I always ask the Devil questions. The Commandment is not to WORSHIP that spirit. Our Creator did not specify that asking the Devil why someone is being harassed by that spirit is a sin; therefore, I ask away. I've been asking Satan for most of my years why, of all the people on Earth, he picked me to mess with. I ask it why does the Devil make some people billionaires & other people have nothing in their pockets? I ask lots of questions like that. Like out Creator, Satan never responds.

Likewise, the CIA is comprised of folks who pay bills & gotta eat too. I don't have a problem asking them stuff about them doing their thing, even though I doubt they will tell me much of anything solid, if at all. What we all share with the CIA is mutual suspicion & distrust of each other.

Brad Milch

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Questions for the CIA possibly monitoring the Education Forum (Batch #2):

1. Fidel Castro is on record describing the CIA as a 'killing machine'. If his description is an accurate assessment of the Agency, what is its ultimate goal (as a 'killing machine')? Does the Agency plan on murdering everyone globally that is not an Agency operative? How long will that objective take? How much will it cost? Will the Agency start killing off 'easy' countries first & save the 'toughies (like North Korea, China & Russia) for last? Does this mean that in time, Agency assassins will pull the plug on beloved musicians & singers like Sir Paul McCartney, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino & Doris Day?

2. The Agency has been accused of flooding the Internet with pornography. When the public sees porn on the Internet, are the people they see paid actors or Agency operatives? Who does the 'real work' if Agency operatives are making porn movies? Does the Agency ever allow folks to volunteer as porn actors & work for free? What is the application process? Who pairs Agency operatives up as porn partners? What happens if one partner is not 'in the mood'?

3. If the Agency's ultimate goal is to kill everyone on Earth that is not an Agency operative, why is it flooding the Internet with porn that encourages people to make more babies?

4. Since the Snowden scandal, many people globally suspect the CIA/NSA are using the Internet to spy on people. Let's say a CIA operative is spying on me & I'm watching a CIA porn movie on my computer. If that operative gets excited & injuries themselves & requires hospitalization, can I be held accountable for the doctor bills & lost work time?

5. If a CIA operative has children & the Company's ultimate objective is to kill everyone on Earth that is not an Agency operative, if the child is a member of a Girl Scout troop, who's responsibility is it to kill the other Girl Scouts, the CIA parent or the child? When do the cookie sellers get whacked (first or last)?

6. Some people globally believe the CIA orchestrated the assassination of JFK. Some noticed that JFK was murdered between two bright yellow rectangular stripes that had been painted on Elm St. in Dallas. Near the two stripes were several storm drains. If a CIA assassin gets bitten by a storm drain rat, snake or spider, stung by a scorpion, wasp or other toxic insect while hiding in a storm drain waiting to kill someone, does that operative receive a Hazardous Duty incentive as well as their normal CIA assassin pay?

7. Some people globally believe the CIA orchestrated the assassination of JFK. Those that have visited the kill zone noticed that the ambush took place in front of the North Pergola & between two bright yellow rectangular stripes painted on the Elm St. curb. Scattered around that immediate area were probably a couple dozen spectators (some taking home movies & still camera photographs). Why didn't the CIA spring the attack inside the wide tunnel JFK's parade car was approaching where no photographs or film could be taken, spectators weren't in the way & couldn't view anything other than the backs of the vehicles in the shaded tunnel. The tunnel was in range of LHO's alleged murder weapon.

8. Put yourself in this situation: You don't normally use drugs, but you have made exceptions on a few occasions when enticed by one or more ladies. You know from experience that women get frisky when on drugs & you have a better chance of getting lucky. You head out to the street & are approached by two drug dealers. One works for El Chapo. The other works for the CIA. Both tell you their weed is the best that's hit the street in a long time. Should you be patriotic & buy weed from the Agency operative, or demonstrate your hospitable nature to your foreign seller? Should you wait & buy from the police officer sitting in his squad car behind the billboard sign waiting to bust all 3 of you?

to be continued....


Edited by Brad Milch
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Back to the OP for a moment...

I don't believe anyone is focused on monitoring our forum. I do believe that the NSA (not the CIA) is vacuuming up all of the information here and is running a host of algorithms on the data, just like they do with every other information source.

Keep in mind that the data they collect is probably about a million orders of magnitude greater than the staff they employ, so the only way to effectively manage this data is to employ sophisticated algorithms within a collection of sophisticated models. Only if some string of text is found that meets some exotic criteria will a human ever look at it.

What most people don't know, however, is what the purpose of this collection and examination is. However, form follows function and if you look at the structure of the NSA, what they do, and how they do it, you may start to see that "national security" isn't the primary purpose.


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i err on the side of caution (read: of course they are). are corporations monitoring our web surfing habits? are entities monitoring our emails and cell phone use? are the feds monitoring teenage chat-rooms? porn sites? we know they are. I long ago decided with the little bit i have to hide, i could care less.

i just did a search for a certain video about some afghan action, and i used the terms "terrorist" and "bomb" - and had to think twice that THAT is getting SOMEONE's attention. of course it did.

so i'd be an idiot to think that these types of websites are not being monitored by "SOMEBODY."

this IS a new form of government. Just ask Jack Ruby...

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Today's CIA joke of the day (intended for CIA Internet snoops possibly monitoring the Education Forum, indicating business is slow at Langley):

A married couple show up at CIA Headquarters to apply for a job. Both are sent to separate rooms & told to sit in a chair in the middle of the room & wait for an interviewer to show up.

The man is seen first. The CIA interviewer looks over his resume & hands the man a pistol. The pistol is unloaded, but the man is told it is fully loaded. The job seeker is then directed to go into the next room & shoot in the head until dead the person sitting in the chair & the job is his.

The man goes into the room, closes the door & discovers his wife sitting in the chair in the middle of the room.

Several minutes of silence pass.

Finally, after a long period of time, the man opens the door & walks over to the interviewer waiting on him to shoot his wife in the head. The man is in tears.

He tells the interviewer that he loves his wife & cannot shoot her in the head for any reason. The man is told to wait in another room to pick up his resume & afterwards he can leave the building. He wasn't hired.

The interviewer now goes to the room where the wife has been sitting, hands her the unloaded pistol & sends her to the room where her husband is waiting to retrieve his resume. The wife is told to empty the gun into the head of the person waiting in the room & the job is hers. She takes the gun, opens the room's door & goes inside, closing the door behind her entry.

In a manner of seconds, the interviewer hears screams, pleadings & the sounds of a horrific, desperate fight inside the room. After several minutes of this, finally, there is silence.

The interviewer is shocked when he opens the door. There is blood everywhere & all the furniture is overturned & broken. The room resembles the aftermath of an earthquake.

"What happened in here?" the interviewer asks the woman.

"The gun you gave me wouldn't fire, so I beat him to death with the chair" replied the woman.....


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