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Possible JFK Assassination Attempt In Illinois On Oct. 19, 1962

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"The Secret Service would later report that “a few minutes after the motorcade passed, an employee of the Illinois Department of Public Safety saw a rifle barrel with telescopic sight protruding from a second-story window.”

Two men, brothers-in-law aged 20 and 16, were taken into custody. The report continued, “A .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle and a full box of .22 long rifle ammunition was seized.”

Both men admitted “pointing the gun out the window on the parade route. However, they claimed that they had merely been testing the power of the telescopic sight to determine if it would be worthwhile to remove it in order to get a better look at the President when the motorcade returned. As there was no evidence to the contrary, and neither man had any previous record, prosecution was declined."

Complete article:


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One of the things that aggravates me about the article's comments section is someone said:

"Kennedy road the same way through Mexico City, months earlier, garnering much media praise (and a photo of Kennedy riding in the same open way as Springfield on Life Magazine's cover). Today's media largely ignores how reckless Kennedy was back then."

I've seen this kind of statement over and over again to make it sound as if Kennedy was to blame for his own death. What this person doesn't realize is that's the way it was back then - public officials rode in open cars all the time before 11/22 and after as seen in the photos below:




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