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Authenticity of Will Fritz's Interrogation Notes

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I am far from being a handwriting expert but, the forward slope of his writing and the way he makes his capital "T's" and "F's" looks very much the same in everything.

Yes, the F's stood out to me too. However, the capital S's aren't the same at all in the two examples below. The top link is said to be written "by J.W. Fritz", according to the Dallas Municipal Archives site. But I'm wondering if Fritz might have just signed it instead of writing every word in the report. I do not know....



It pains me to say this, but the Rs in Fritz signature are way different than those in the notes.

I wonder if some people write certain letters in their signature different than usual.

I do, so in that respect there is nothing odd about that. What we need is a sheet with more than just a sig.

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I'm connecting the dots here, but if you believe in the viability of Prayer Man - and with the quality of the work that's been put into it - as well as what Gilbride has put together in his writings (who was out in front moments after the shooting and so on) - then somehow or some way the Fritz notes match up with that's been documented to date (PM, who was out there, etc.).

Maybe Fritz was known to be a great interrogator...who knows? As mentioned above, maybe he wanted to keep the notes private and they were revealed after his death. But based on PM and the documentation of who was doing what out there, someone got it right about Oswald being "...out front with Shelley."

"out with Bill Shelley in front"

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