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Senator Robert Bennett dies at 82, headed the Mullen Company

Douglas Caddy

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From the article: It was his father who brought him into politics to help him in his Senate duties in Washington while he ran for re-election in 1962. (His father served in the Senate until December 1974.) After working on Capitol Hill, he became a lobbyist and, in 1969, congressional liaison for the Nixon administration’s Department of Transportation.
He left in 1971 and bought the Robert Mullen Company, a public relations firm that once employed E. Howard Hunt, a C.I.A. veteran and writer who led the Watergate burglars.
Mr. Bennett said at the time and in the 2014 interview that he had known nothing about the break-in at the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate complex. He did say, however, that he had agreed to a White House request for Mr. Hunt to help the 1972 Nixon campaign “mostly on nights and weekends.” The request should have made him suspicious, he said, ruefully, in the interview.
After the family company closed in 1974, Mr. Bennett moved to California to work for Howard Hughes and later other companies.


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Robert Bennett was a CIA asset, which was why he was chosen in 1971 to head the Mullen Company, which was incorporated by the CIA in 1959 (as revealed by Senator Howard Baker in his special report released with the Senate Watergate Committee's official report).

Bennett gave negative information about me to Bob Woodward at the Washington Post in the early days of the Watergate case. After the Post published the information and attributed it to Bennett, Bennett wrote me a letter trying to explain away his opportunism and duplicity.

Bennett also smeared me when the CIA sent one of its agents to interview Bennett to find out who I was. See "Memorandum For The Record by Martin Lukoskie" on page 329 in Jim Hougan's "Secret Agenda". In the interview with the CIA agent, Bennett declared regarding the break-in that "...the money came from a 'RIGHTIST' group Caddy being 'far far right' and Hunt also 'conservative and to the right.' This was an outright lie by Bennett as shown by my never even being interviewed by the Senate Watergate Committee or being indicted or prosecuted.

Bennett as head of the Mullen Company was deep into the pre-Watergate operation and even volunteered a young high school Mormon from Utah to work for Hunt and Liddy.

The Lukoskie memorandum also states that "Mr. Bennett related how he established a 'back door entry' to the Edward Bennett Williams law firm which is representing the Democratic Party in its suit for damages resulting from the Watergate incident."

Another CIA document, "Memorandum for the Deputy Director for Plans by Eric Eisenstat" found on page 332 of "Secret Agenda", states that "Mr. Bennett said also that he has been feeding stories to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post with the understanding that there be no attribution to Bennett. Woodward is suitably grateful for the fine stories and by-lines which he gets and protects Bennett (and the Mullen Company."

Robert Bennett was subsequently elected to the U.S. Senate after his father retired from that body. In the ensuing decades Bennett was the CIA's eyes and ears in the Senate and protected that agency from public exposure of its criminal activities.

It is said one should not speak ill about the deceased but Senator Robert Bennett in my opinion was a first class scum bag. My life and career were affected because of the lies he deliberately spread about me.

Edited by Douglas Caddy
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