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Don Kesterson resides in Chapin, South Carolina and, in addition to writing, he works as a consulting petroleum geology in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. (Always keeping my day job) He has written a 1000-page, three-part historical reference focusing on Southeast Asia; the manuscript is currently under review.

Kesterson has written two of a three-novel series; The President’s Gold, and its prequel, Gold of the Spirits. Kesterson’s research was discovered through his novels, by producers of the television program Myth Hunters discovered Kesterson, hiring him to appear as an expert featured in their documentary “Yamaxxxxa’s Gold,” which still regularly airs on the American Hero Channel. Since then, Kesterson has been interviewed on many local television programs regarding this research. Recently, he was featured in a television interview regarding existing gold mines in South Carolina.

Kesterson is also writing a series of novels on the Vietnam Conflict. The first novel, Pawns: Magic Bullet, is complete. Pawns focuses on his research on the Diem coup and Kennedy assassination, which changed the course of the Vietnam Conflict. Kesterson has three additional novels planned based on his research of Soviet spying in World War II and Chinese spying from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Kesterson’s website, www.donkesterson.com, features a blog with essays about historical events: “History unlike anything you have been taught in school. The real history of the world.”

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