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Rumor has it Oswald was in Yellow Springs, Ohio

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I love these lines from the article:

"According to some theorists, at one point Yellow Springs was said to host none other than Lee Harvey Oswald, the man behind the Kennedy assassination."

"On November 21, 1963, he came to retrieve some of his belongings from Paine’s garage, including the rifle he would use to kill Kennedy the next day."

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There's more to it than that. Besides Rod Serling and Ruth Paine, Corretta Scott King also attended school there. Ruth Paine's brother still lives in Yellow Springs, Oswald was seen about campus and a high school diploma is not a requirement to attend college there, as Antioch, founded in 1800s by Horrace Mann, is a very liberal if not radical school that did away with grades and had co-ed dorms years before they became popular.

I attended classes at Antioch 1969-1972 when I was a student at nearby University of Dayton, including a history of Vietnam class taught by a former CIA Siagon station chief.

When I attended graduate school at the Antioch Center for Social Research and Action in Baltimore in 1974-75, the school was run by a professor working closely with the Polish Solidarity movement who brought in some guest speakers who had previously briefed the CIA. Another professor took me to a special radio transmission room at the Bethesda Naval Hospital where we had a long distance live radio conference with others in Southeast Asia. The Antioch profs were connected.

The Dayton Police Department Special Services Squad investigated the purported Oswald siting in Yellow Springs and found it credible and there are open records that document this.

More curious is a letter to the Warren Commission signed by Rod Serling that sounds like him but he denied writing it.

Bill Kelly

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