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LBJ and MIC Threatened Nuclear War if We Didn't Go Along with the Coup

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It is an often-asked conundrum, "Well, if it was such a massive domestic plot, then why did so many in the know, like Bobby Kennedy, NOT go public with it?" Sure, you have to allow some time for the shock to wear off. Evelyn Lincoln, on the way back to D.C.!, made a list of who she thought responsible. Her first five were: Johnson, Big Oil, Mafia, CIA, Florida Cubans. Why didn't she make some noise while the WARren COmmisioN was going on? She wasn't scared of anything: for herself, that is. Even Jackie's mother, Janet Auchincloss, knew soon after that Lyndon was behind her son-in-law's slaughter, and she was no wilting flower. No, they all feared for much more than themselves.

When President Kennedy's brains were shot out on a street in Texas, LBJ gained control of the nuclear football and biscuit. Before JFK's body was cold, as Mrs. Lincoln was not afraid to note, "He was crying commie plot to any who would listen." Our nuclear nemesis, the Soviet Union. Classic LBJ misdirection and fear-mongering.

A nuclear threat by LBJ would explain a lot. The last few days, I've been looking for back-up and can't find much. This presentation by John Newman, Friday 11-19-1999, at the Dallas JFK Lancer Conference seems to encapsulate best the mood of the time when LBJ was organizing the "investigation" that he could control:


Starting about 40% down, Newman elaborates on those early-day anecdotes we are so familiar with:

1. LBJ bullying Richard Russell to serve on the War Con: "...for the good of the country." Translation: for the good of the psychopathic skins of LBJ and his cronies.

2. LBJ playing the nuclear card to RR about rumors going around (oh my!), "...and kicking us INTO A WAR that could kill 40 million Americans IN AN HOUR." I never did get that one, but it sure worked on Russell and everyone else he used it on.

3. To RR's last objections about the time involved, "All you're going to do is evaluate the Hoover report he's already made." Translation: the fix is in and it's easy as pie.

4. Earl Warren reported, after composing himself from some serious crying jags, "Johnson feared war after the slaying of JFK," which "might lead to a nuclear war." Newman paraphrases the new President's mocking of Warren's objections thus -- "'No, excuse me. I stand on principle. Screw 40 million people. I want to tell the truth.'"

QED -- It's all psychological projection. It's PPP: psychopathic psych projection. LBJ links telling the truth about JFKA to atomic Armageddon. "Sweep this under the rug for me and there won't be (I won't try to start) nuclear winter." For which many generals, authors of the "Sunday Punch" first strike on USSR, were more than willing. LeMay was ranging freely and Lemnitzer was running NATO in Brussels (we'd been kicked out of Paris), and Operation Gladio with fellow drunken psycho William K. Harvey.

Also, there's a wealth of evidence in LBJ's and MIC's past and future behavior, showing these tendencies when feeling threatened:

1. The various murders performed by Mac Wallace

2. Apocalypse Now in Vietnam

3. USS Liberty

4. MLK

5. RFK on the anniversary of USS Liberty

6. Indonesia, Congo, Middle East

Dear President Kennedy, happy birthday #99.

May you find more peace before your hundredth.

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My current research seems to be pointing toward Allen Dulles as the head of the plot, but most sources I've seen also say Dulles would not have taken any action until he had approval from all the other high level people needed.

I personally believe that usual standard deductive reasoning does lead to LBJ. He seems to have had the motive, means, and opportunity. When asked why he would agree to be JFK's VP candidate, LBJ reportedly made comments along the lines of "many presidents have died in office... I'd be a heartbeat away... I'm a gambling man, darlin'". And he did engage in the coverup almost immediately by insinuating that there would be nuclear war if the truth had gotten out.

Here's a question:

From what I can tell, apparently most researchers do not believe that Hoover and the FBI were the instigators of the plot nor were they involved in the actual assassination. So, it seems that at some point in time someone in authority who was involved in the plot had to have told Hoover how his investigation was going proceed and the predetermined conclusion of a lone shooter. There were phone outages in Washington D.C. immediately following the assassination, but of course Hoover could have been informed prior to November 22.

So, who had the ability to contact Hoover, and who had the authority to tell him exactly how the FBI investigation was going to go down? Hoover and LBJ were apparently neighbors and close friends, but this doesn't preclude the possibility of someone like Dulles (who reportedly spent the weekend of the assassination in a CIA compound) giving the ultimate orders. Regardless, I would suppose the list of people that had the authority to tell J. Edgar Hoover what to do would be fairly short.

Also, considerable effort was made to make Lee Harvey Oswald appear to be a Cuban or Russian agent. Was this intended to provide a justification for war against either country in addition to removing JFK? Did LBJ deviate from the goals of the plotters by insisting that LHO be named the lone gunman?

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It is not unreasonable to see the Assasination as an attempted false flag intending to blame the Cubans with the intention of starting a full on invasion of Cuba. That is clearly not how it played out. If anything Cuba was on the back burner from that point on.

Johnson was on record for his concern that such a development could lead to nuclear confrontation with Russia, not unreasonable in my opinion.

There is evidence that Johnson used this concern to motivate some members of the Warren Commission to take part in both the Commision and the lone nut tract.

Both Johnson and Hoover had something to gain buy the JFK killing. Johnson got to be president and Hoover for to keep his job past 70. At the time he would have been automatically retired at 70 without special action by the president. Something Kennedy was not likely to do and something Johnson did in fact do. Johnson himself was facing potential criminal investigation, something he was able to head off with the powers of the presidency. Both were subject to potential blackmail if they did not play ball.

There is indication both Johnson and Hoover had prior knowledge of how things would play out but I have not seen any that indicated they were involved.

It is likely that it was easier to get folks to get on board with the coverup after the fact than before the fact. If the truth had come out early many of the mechanisms needed to fight the Cold War could have been dismembered as a result, particularly the intelligence services.

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Many look to see who benefited by an act of this type. Perhaps a great deal could be gained by looking at some of those who seemed to fall out of favor.

Business picked up in South East Asia in a major way while Cuba not so much.

Johnson got a promotion and a get out of jail free card. Hoover got to keep his job and with that his secret files which offered some protection for his own indiscretions. E. Howard Hunt appears to be marginalized after 1-22-63 as does Genersl Walker.

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As for Nuclear War there were some that felt sooner rather than later would be a good thing. We had an advantage in ICBMs at this point and there was a belief that it was temporary. These folks did not get their way during the Cuban missile crisis or as a result of 11-22-63. In my opinion that is a good thing.

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