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Is this correct? Bell turns from color to B&W during Elm turn

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I was watching Bell over again - I had created a gif to follow Rosemary - and I noticed something I hadn't before.

Truly claims the limo swung wide onto Elm and almost hits the curb.

Mr. TRULY. That is right.
And the President's car following close behind came along at an average speed of 10 or 15 miles an hour. It wasn't that much, because they were getting ready to turn. And the driver of the Presidential car swung out too far to the right, and he came almost within an inch of running into this little abutment here, between Elm and the Parkway. And he slowed down perceptibly and pulled back to the left to get over into the middle lane of the parkway. Not being familiar with the street, he came too far out this way when he made his turn.
Mr. BELIN. He came too far to the north before he made his curve, and as he curved--as he made his left turn from Houston onto the street leading to the expressway, he almost hit this north curb?
Mr. TRULY. That is right. Just before he got to it, he had to almost stop, to pull over to the left.
If he had maintained his speed, he would probably have hit this little section here.

The limo and the people under the tree, the street etc all go from full color to B&W

Is this on all the versions of the film? Sure looks like the people and tree are not in the same film during the B&W frames... IDK




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The black bars are either artifacts from when the footage was transferred or the frames were jumping around during stabilization.

Black and white? It stays color to me.

I think Truly was wrong. Watch the Towner film of the car going by. There's no evidence the car took too wide of a turn in that clip. It looks pretty smooth to me.

Keep in mind witnesses were not standing around extra alert and waiting for the shots to start.

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Actually, the black bars appear to be frame boundaries from a B&W version or a decolorized version.

I found the B&W in the Groden Bell frames - at least that's how I have the files labeled.

These are 4 successive frames - Chris D sent me a gif with no color loss at this point so IDK - is it known that Groden or someone did something to the Bell frames as an exercise?


Here are the frames - the first


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