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Film Free State of Jones and JFK's Civil Rights Bill

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I know this forum is about Kennedy's assassination but I think sometimes it wouldn't hurt to post things about his life as well. This can be useful to new visitors of this forum and young kids who come here and may not know that much about JFK the man. I think that doing this can help others understand his assassination better because if you know the man better, you realize more and more what he was up against.

With that said, I just saw the film Free State of Jones. It shows that after Lincoln's murder, the South pretty much reverted back to its slavery ways by using the KKK to control the black population. I couldn't help but wonder that it pretty much continued to be this way until June 1963, when President Kennedy sent the civil rights bill to Congress. It took the courage of President Kennedy to propose this bill, even though he knew that it would pretty much wreck his political support in the 1964 election year. Kudos to President Kennedy for doing this.

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