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14,321 pages of FBI and Los Angeles County District Attorney files on the RFK Assassination: https://archive.org/details/RFKAssassination_201510

CIA histories from inside the Agency (very useful background for understanding the Agency at different times): http://that1archive.neocities.org/subfolder1/cia-histories.html

Early CIA, SSU and OSS files: http://that1archive.neocities.org/subfolder1/early-cia.html

The archive can be browsed directly at: https://archive.org/details/nationalsecurityarchive

Updates are posted to: http://that1archive.neocities.org/

Analysis is posted to: https://GlomarDisclosure.com/

A reindexed copy of the Harold Weisberg Archive: https://archive.org/details/nationalsecurityarchive-weisberg

It's possible to download the entire 100+ GB dataset here: https://archive.org/details/weisberg-complete-archive

Or just the indices here: https://archive.org/details/WeisbergFindingAid

That archive includes information on the JFK and MLK assassinations, along with Watergate and other related matters.

The Dallas PD documents relating to the JFK assassination: https://archive.org/details/dallas-pd-jfk-documents

Indexed here: http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/image_index1.pdf

Edwin Walker pictures: https://archive.org/details/edwinwalkercollection

CIA's Phoenix Assassination program: https://archive.org/details/cia-phoenix

Over 1,200 FBI files can be viewed here: https://archive.org/details/nsia-fbi-files


•Howard Hughes: https://archive.org/details/HowardHughes
•FBI break-ins: https://archive.org/details/FBIBreak-ins
•Joseph Kennedy: https://archive.org/details/JosephKennedy
•Nugan-Hand Bank: https://archive.org/details/FBI-Nugan-Hand
•Allen Dulles: https://archive.org/details/AllenDulles
•John Dulles: https://archive.org/details/FBIFileJohnFosterDulles13279910
•Ben Bradlee: https://archive.org/details/BenBradlee
•Richard Ober: https://archive.org/details/RichardOber
•JFK Jr.: https://archive.org/details/JohnF.KennedyJr.FBI
•RFK: https://archive.org/details/RobertF.Kennedy
•Ellen Rometsch: https://archive.org/details/EllenRometschFBI
•William King Harvey: https://archive.org/details/WilliamKingHarvey

•Oanisis: https://archive.org/details/AristotleOnassis
•Chuck Colson: https://archive.org/details/CharlesW.Colson
•John Mitchell: https://archive.org/details/JohnMitchell
•Carl Schoffler: https://archive.org/details/CarlSchoffler

I make everything freely available, so if anyone has anything they'd like to share or get uploaded, they should feel free to reach out to me. My contact information is at http://that1archive.neocities.org/#contact

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