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Review of The Incubus of Intervention by Jim DiEugenio

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Interesting new book on Kennedy vs Dulles in Indonesia. There is also fascinating new information about Hammarksjold and Kennedy's relationship, and how Dulles was likely in on that plot.

A key piece of information is something I always suspected. The geologists, Dozy and Forbes Wilson camouflaged what was at the Ertsberg and Grasberg mines. So neither Kennedy nor Sukarno knew about it.


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Please note how the book implicates Allen Dulles in the assassination of Hammarskjold.

This is done through Susan Miller's book, Who Killed Hammarksjold?

Odd, that Talbot did not include this material in his book, The Devil's Chessboard.

But further, that Truman suspected that Hammarskjold was murdered also, in fact he actually said it.

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Len Osanic did a very nice interview with Greg Poulgrain tonight on Black Op Radio


Really insightful into the opposing views of JFK and Dulles in the Third World. Poulgrain has become the number one scholar on Indonesia.

BTW, if you have not been listening to BOR, you should. By far the best show out there on these cases. He gets so many good guests now.

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