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The way the world would be if the government did not have anything big and ugly to hide

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Have your folks seen how NASA has been extremely productive, discovering exoplanets?


One of those exoplanets is an Earth twin. The one difference is that in that remote world, Lee Harvey Oswald definitely acted alone and the ballistics, autopsy, etc. were performed flawlessly in the most responsible and professional manner. The role of the media was unimpugnable. The link of trust between the government and The People would be unbroken.

Year 1981, some astute politician (yes, they have demagogues there, too).

"Computers have now reached the point at which a MUCH more detailed analysis of the bullet trajectories can be achieved (BTW: don't forget to vote for me)".

In short, every time science and technology made some progress, it would be THE GOVERNMENT who would use it to brag and persuade any remaining naysayers:

"As all can see, the results which had centimetric accuracy just a few years ago, now have reached millimetric precision."

"All the files are located in the web sites of the National Archives and many universities: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, etc."

There would be similar announcements when audio cards became widespread, detailed/affordable video, laser measurements, new maps, etc. Entrepreneurs would produce a 3D-model-based video game where you would get 1 million dollars if you managed to devise a location (6th floor?), rifle, bullet caliber, distance and angle where the president jumped in the opposite direction as that determined unanimously by all universities. Prove the Jet Effect, win a cool million.

The response of the people would not be entirely positive:

"GIVE IT A BREAK, WILL YA!!?? Get a freakin' life! Don't you have anything better to do with our taxes?? Let that poor president rest in peace!"

It this Earth however, it is the exact opposite! Every time there is a new affordable/feasible technological development, it is The People who start using it: PCs, Internet, etc. to attempt to figure out the truth. Our curiosity is insatiable. Things do not make sense. Something is awry.

The most recent example is the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3D models of the brain being developed and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). In 50+ years it is one more time We The People who are leading. The only logical conclusion is that, tragically, we are not in the exoplanet. We are in the one where lies dominate.



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