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Mass Media In 'LockDown' ?

Wim Dankbaar

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Just got this by email, but it is also all over the Internet.


Mass Media In 'Lock Down' - Not To Cover Vote Fraud

By Peter Coyote 11-13-04

On Friday I received a phone call from a good friend who

works at CBS -- I've known her for years and she is a

producer for some of the news programs, one well known one

in particular. She tipped me off that the news media is in

a "lock-down" and that there is to be no TV coverage of the

real problems with voting on Nov. 2nd.

She said similar "lock-down orders" had come down last year

after the invasion ofIraq, but this is far worse -- far

scarier. She said the majority of their journalists at CBS

and elsewhere in NYC are pretty horrified -- every one is

worried about their jobs and retribution Dan Rather style or


My source said they've also been forbidden to talk about it

even on their own time but she was pissed and her

journalistic and moral integrity as what she considers to be

a gov't watchdog requires her to speak out, while be it

covert and she therefore asked me to "spread" the word...

She said that journalism and the truth is at stake. She

said another friend of hers, a producer atMSNBC, said that

an anchor by the name of Keith Olbermann had brought it up

on his show on Friday eve and the axe came down. He's at

least fighting back and talking about it on his "Blog", but

she said that people there are worried that he's going to be

fired by higher ups. She said at this point the only way

that the "real news" was going to be if the people started

talking about it and made a big enough stink about it to our

elected officials, the FEC, and "noise" to the international

media, that our own media won't have any choice but to cover


(Yes, this is really happening in the good ole' supposed

"democratic" free press of the US of A). The only place

you'll see this talked about right now is on the internet

and on AirAmericaRadio.

Write to support Keith Olbermann -- his job may be on the

line for having the courage to speak out. See article below.

Here are some contact numbers for the national press club



Additional information for you:

The link for the Olbermann transcript:


(Raises some interesting questions about Kerry's role in all

this; some "old news"; etc. ...)

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

E-mail: countdown@msnbc.com

Other emails: viewerservices@msnbc.com


> >>> > National Press Club,

> >>> > General Manager

> >>> > John Bloom

> >>> > Tel: 202.662.7534

> >>> > Fax: 202.662.7512

> >>> > Email: jbloom@press.org

> >>> >

> >>> > Melinda Cooke,

> >>> > Assistant to the Club President

> >>> > Tel: 202.662.7516

> >>> > Fax: 202.662.7537

> >>> > Email: mcooke@press.org

> >>> >

> >>> >

> >>>

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And of other importance the shield laws. A day ago I didn't give it much thought, but reporters will be arrested and constitutional rights at risk in my country. See link here:


A move to deny confidentiality to sources will kill independent investigations. Big Brother is upon us. I hope the media will transcend outrage and get busy and spend some of their bucks on stopping this sweeping trend.

This forum knows the importance of independent investigation, and Media shouldn't be forced informants for the government.

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