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The Mooneyham Affidavit

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I believe Lillian was looking at sheriff's deputy Eugene Boone (or another Bill Decker law enforcement officer). I believe the Oswald rifle entered the TSBD via Decker's men. I'll explain:

The Sixth Floor Museum has historically done a marvelous job of not asking Eugene Boone if he had his car parked in the area behind the privacy fence on the grassy knoll reserved for Bill Decker's employees on Nov 22, 1963, even though he has been interviewed by the present curator several times. Simple questions of 'did you park your car in Bill Decker's employee car park on Nov 22, 1963' or 'when & how did you get home that day? Did LEO investigating the area behind the grassy knoll fence prevent you access to your car? have yet to be asked of Mr. Boone. I believe these questions are avoided by the Museum to play down that the area behind the grassy knoll privacy fence was controlled by Sheriff Bill Decker. Decker charged his employees a monthly fee to park their cars behind the privacy fence. Those that paid the fee were furnished with a key to a padlock that kept the car park entrance lift bar/gate secure from persons not authorized by Decker to park there. Obviously, passing the key on to others would get them parking access, regardless of their identity.

Boone was the man who supposedly 'found' the Oswald rifle. Boone's story has historically been that he ran from the front area of the County Jail (outside Bill Decker's office contained within) to the Newmans lying on the grass at the bottom of the pergola. From there, Boone went behind the stockade fence, noticed the planting beds for the shrubs had not been disturbed (Boone evidently missed the trail of muddy footprints & cigarette butts that S.M. Holland spoke to Mark Lane on camera, Josiah Thompson & CBS News in 1967 that Holland & others saw), ran into & pointed his pistol at a black porter coming out from one of the Pullman train cars parked close to the pergola & then went on to assist in the search of the 6th floor until Boone discovered the 'Oswald rifle" stashed between some cartons of school boxes near the northwest stairway.

I believe Boone may have been involved in bringing the 'Oswald rifle' into the TSBD to be found. No one to date has ever been able to identify Eugene Boone in any of the multitude of JFK ambush or post-ambush visuals released to the public, although he claims to have played a major part in the post-ambush, a claim I, for one, simply do not buy. I nominate Boone as the man Lillian Mooneyham observed in the window.

David Lifton promises to provide the global public with details & info that has been overlooked, forgotten or avoided over the decades when he released his new book, 'Final Disclosure'.

I expect to learn from David Lifton's new book his spin about the railroad detective several railroad employees & one DPD motorcade officer spoke to Fox News about seeing on the overpass several years back. To this day, no one knows who the railroad detective was, why he was on the triple overpass & what he did after the ambush. Was the detective involved in the arrest of the 3 tramps? Why didn't the WC tell us about this railroad detective?

I'm also awaiting Mr. Lifton's spin on the story of one of Bill Decker's men being positioned on top of the County jail with a high powered rifle during the JFK ambush & the story about the rusty 'sabot' rifle bullet shell supposedly found near the air conditioning units on top of the Records Building years after the assassination. Then, there's the story about the limo stop on the western side of the triple overpass just prior to entering Stemmons freeway & who's foot is seen hanging out of JFK's side of his parade car in the Miller photo. Mr. Lifton, hopefully, will enlighten us all when his latest blockbuster expose book if released.

The mystery flight of the C-130 cargo plane that flew JFK's parade car & the SS Queen Mary that is NOT logged into the Andrews AFB logbook (discovered by researcher Bill Kelly) is another source of enlightenment I look forward too when Mr. Lifton releases his long awaited book. The paper trail that aircraft generated from its home base at Charleston Air Force Base, S. Carolina to & from Dallas & supposedly Andrews AFB was evidently not turned over to the AARB in compliance with the law. No researchers have written of such a paper trail detailing meals, lodging, aircraft fuel replacement & after flight maintenance work done & paid for as having been received & notated in the ARRB Report that I ever heard of. I would go as far as to state that only a small fraction of the logistics documentation of traveling, feeding & caring for the needs of the multitude of persons involved in JFK's Texas trip visits & the actual assassination & aftermath have made their way to the ARRB.

Brad Milch

PS: Some side notes: CBS News & NBC News failed to inform the global public that the shots were thought to have originated from Bill Decker's employee car park behind the grassy knoll privacy fence in all the initial first day news coverage & in their subsequent TV Special reports.

During the ambush of JFK, Bill Decker was sitting in Jesse Curry's white Ford Galaxy leading JFK's parade car. The car is visible in Altgens photo #7 on Elm Street at the base of the grassy knoll privacy fence (about to enter the triple underpass). Decker's office in the County Jail was just a short walk across the grassy meridian & across Houston Street. Closer was the area Decker ordered his men to report to on the police radio, instead of dismounting Curry's personal Ford & leading his men in the search of a shooter on foot as opposed to sticking with Curry on his was to Parkland.

Had Decker had pulled a stunt like that as an active duty military commander in a sudden firefight, he most likely would have been relieved of command, court martialed & possibly incarcerated in a Federal prison.

It's been talked about before in the Ed Forum archives that none of the vehicles parked around & near the TSBD or grassy knoll privacy fence were searched in any way, shape or form. Officers are said to have written down license numbers of the vehicles they encountered parked in those areas that later disappeared.

To summarize: Bill Decker plays a larger role in the ambush & murder of President Kennedy than most interested in the case ever realized before.

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Thanks Brad.

The official finding of the rifle was too late for the Mooneyham affidavit, right? So you are saying it was planted earlier by Boone.

BTW, it never amazes me as to how bad the WC was.

Mooneyham's name is not in the index to the WR. And she is not in Walt Brown's The Warren Omission, so she was never called as a witness.

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Hi, James.

For me, it's all process of elimination. People saw a man they assumed was shooting a weapon from the 'sniper's nest' that employees inside the building did not see. The 'shooter' was not airlifted out by helicopter nor observed descending the fire escape on the eastern side of the TSBD, nor the elevators or stairs within the TSBD. He didn't jump or rappel away from a window. Where did he go? He couldn't 'mingle' with first responder law enforcement officers (unless he was one of them) without being arrested (or shot).

Boone's story is, I believe, a farce to explain his presence on the sixth floor that led to the discovery of the rifle (by Boone). Boone worked for Decker.

The entire ambush is just outside Decker's office. The knoll shooter is believed to be firing from behind the privacy fence in Decker's car park in the railroad yards. Decker abandoned his men & sat on his butt spewing out orders on Curry's police radio for them to report to the railroad yards without leading them in the search for an assailant.

Each dot connects to Decker. Boone is one of those critical dots.

On the personal side, a former Ed Forum member (now deceased) that was connected to the upper chain of command for the Sixth Floor Museum once flamed me in unexpected private messages here at the Ed Forum and at a different competitive JFK forum over comments I made concerning a Len Osanic show & the stuff I wrote about here about Bill Decker. It was so bad, the flamer became the 1st & only person on the Internet that I have ever placed on 'ignore'. The topic of Bill Decker rubs WC defenders the wrong way. To learn more about Bill Decker & his allegiance with peers willing to orchestrate ambushes & murders, refer to the history of the ambush of Bonnie Parker & Clyde Champion Barrow on May 23, 1934. I put some fast info up on the shenanigans going on behind the scenes & not in the press on DVP's Dealey Plaza photos in time thread page (for anyone who might need a quick jump start on the subject). J. Edgar Hoover & his pre-FBI (Bureau Of Investigation) saturate the pages of Bonnie & Clyde history, as does Bill Decker.

My highest respect to you & Len Osanic, James. You both have created a legacy that future generations will greatly admire when compared to the garbage concerning the horrendous ambush & murder of JFK that was initially spewed out to global citizens, particularly those that lived in the home of the free & brave. It can be said that the stones that were left turned by those in positions to know better & rectify the situation concerning the death of JFK (but didn't), you & Len overturned them & left an honorable trail for others to follow & examine what was found under those stones that will probably last longer than we living humans will....

Sincerely & best wishes always,

Brad Milch

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Another good one for me was the recent interview with Jesse Ventura. Oops....I forgot to mention 'Governor' Jesse Ventura. Sorry, Jesse... Jesse's experience facing the MSM firing squads & a hostile Federal Judge in his recent court case win/return to square one on top of the loss of his TV show & bad MSM reviews of his JFK books should send shivers down the spine of up & coming JFK researchers/authors/film, TV & Internet documentary makers on how the 'Mockingbird' treatment they most likely will receive by the MSM for their hard & heartfelt endeavors felt to Mr. Ventura. The abuse that man received is about as sick as it gets IMHO.

I visit Len's Internet house every week & listen to every word by every one of his guests. Len suspects the same things I do, such as some websites frequented by a certain fired university professor notorious for going website to website spewing his 'LHO did it' mantra (along with his sick groupies & cheerleaders that dominate alt.jfk) as being 'connected' & secretly funding those sites that print his garbage 'LHO did it' comments.

Speaking of suspect, I, along with some JFK visuals analysts that I communicate with regularly, have noticed some red flags (or common denominators) in the Decker & Boone areas of the visual record. For instance:

In the Tom Alyea film, Eugene Boone is nowhere to be seen. The 'Oswald rifle' Boone allegedly 'found' is seen being handled by DPD Homicide Captain Will Fritz & Lt. Day, but not Boone. Alyea covered a lot of floors in the TSBD (as well as outside the building) but somehow fails to film Boone. Boone's not seen participating in floor searches Alyea filmed.Camera shy?

Other than a crude map drawn by S.M. Holland for Josiah Thompson's book, 'Six Seconds In Dallas', I have yet to see a film or photograph that caught all the vehicles parked behind the grassy knoll privacy fence. This, in spite of the fact that that specific area was swarmed by photographers & cameramen post-ambush. A few seconds' glimpse of the back of the North pergola captured in the Cooper/cook films are as close to Bill Decker's car park as we get in the visual record.

So, we have an area where on site witnesses believed an assassin shot at JFK from, hit him in the head & killed him that was managed by Bill Decker that there are no known films or photographs of. There's plenty of photos documenting seemingly everything around decker's car park except the car park itself. Does something smell fishy here, James?

Next, we have one of Decker's deputies in the TSBD, on the 6th floor, supposedly finding the alleged murder weapon with no known photos or films of the deputy (Boone) performing that act (or any other acts inside the TSBD during the search of it).

Add to the mix the bundle of witness statements given to Bill Decker or his staff following the assassination that appear almost word for word identical. How many times have you ever encountered two or more people from different vantage points describing what they saw & heard in a given event exactly the same?

More fishy stinkies?

You betcha...


PS: If you think the WC was bad, imagine Bill Decker's witness statements being all that the public had to explain what happened to John F. Kennedy a stones throw from Decker's office 53 years ago?

Edited by Brad Milch
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Mrs. MOONEYHAM heard a gunshot and observed President KENNEDY slump to the left of the seat of the car. At the time of the initial shot, Mrs. MOONEYHAM believed that a firecracker had gone off. Following the first shot, there was a slight pause and then two more shots were discharged, the second and third shots sounding closer together. Mrs. MOONEYHAM observed Mrs. KENNEDY climb up on the back of the car and her eyes were then diverted toward the left of the Presidential Motorcade on Elm Street toward a bystander, a man who had falle to the ground.

Despite my doubts about witnesses not always getting their story right (after all, no one was standing around expecting this to happen) she pretty much got the above correct because you can see the falling man in this video:

You can clearly see the guy throw himself down. And the above clearly shows the car slow down significantly at and just after the last shot and then speeds away.

She also got the shot sequence correct (two close together shots) was pretty good on her part as the Z film backs that up.

I'm not so sure if she got it right about seeing someone "...4 or 5 minutes later" in the window and if she did, I can't imagine that person being anyone other than the police. As I've said elsewhere, I think the TSBD was nothing more than the stage to frame Oswald - he worked there, the shells (one with a dented lip) were there, the books were piled up for the nest, and of course the gun was hidden there.

Note - the video has an intro title that I put on it for another post (Swan Song) so that's why that title is there.

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Hi Ron - maybe because she said 4 or 5 minutes later so they figured no harm, no foul?

It depends on how soon police got the the 6th floor. I assume that the officer who ran into the TSBD and supposedly encountered Oswald (I'm drawing a mental blank on his name) was the first to go that high, but I doubt that's who Mooneyham saw at the window. I don't recall a police timeline re the 6th floor.

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Ron, you are thinking of Marrion Baker. Baker never went to the sixth floor, at least not that early.

Baker ran to the roof.

If you go by the WR, the rifle was not discovered until after 1 PM. (See page 79) And according to the WR, the cops did not center on the sixth floor until about one. (ibid)

So who did the lady see? Brad thinks its a cop planting the rifle.

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Esteemed JFK researcher/author James DiEugenio said: 'So who did the lady see? Brad thinks its a cop planting the rifle'.

Before DVP jumps in with his 'the lady saw LHO & was wrong about the time she observed him' Bugliosi argument, may I drop in a bit of a mental teaser for all to consider at this point? Here 'tis:

What throws a lot of people about this aspect of the case is the apparent lack of concern about witnesses outside the TSBD & in adjacent buildings viewing whatever was happening in or around the sniper's nest window by whoever was there following the shooting & departure of the JFK motorcade entourage. Several witnesses saw someone there at the window (some saw two) during this period of time. We know somebody was there when LHO was supposed to be either about to or actually boarding a Dallas city bus (or getting into a Rambler station wagon to be driven out of the area as witnessed by Roger Craig).

What throws people is this: why wasn't LHO killed at the TSBD by those who went to the trouble to set him up as a patsy? The story then would have been simple to announce to the world: man in building fires at President riding in a car & kills him, police kill man in building. Man's gun found inside building near killed man. End of story.

The way the story played out it appears that someone wanted the fun of chasing LHO down as opposed to covering up a Presidential assassination orchestrated by persons other than LHO. This is the pitch most often used by WC defenders in going with their original conclusion that LHO was the shooter & killer of JFK & not someone else. Or....

It appears the crime scene was quickly, haphazardly thrown together (something a sophisticated, well thought out conspiracy should not be).

Recently, we witnessed on global TV a failed coup in Turkey. It was obvious the coup would fail from the beginning because the coup conspirators failed to arrest or kill Turkey's leader. That leader went on radio & TV to order his countrymen to resist the coup in progress; urging them to all become street fighters. The coup did fail. The coup perpetrators are reportedly paying the piper for their apparent juvenile, haphazard coup attempt.

In the suspected coup of JFK, wouldn't the risk of it also failing be present of LHO got outside the grip of the conspirators & could get the word out to the public on what was really going on in the situation with JFK? Can you imagine LHO holed up somewhere calling in his side of the story to CBS news? Would CBS News have even broadcast that phone call?

Let's say immediately after the shooting, LHO walked the short distance from the TSBD to WFAA-TV studios & told Jay Watson he had important info about the JFK shooting & wanted to be interviewed on the air live. Then LHO begins singing like a canary into the TV cameras. Would conspirators to ambush & murder JFK have risked that happening with a live patsy on the loose?

I have my own suspicions as to why LHO wasn't immediately killed in the TSBD, backing up the time to even before the shooting began.

I bet Education Forum members & visitors do too.

Now, it's time for Davey to preach to you his Vincent Bugliosi sermon (lol)...


Edited by Brad Milch
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A cloud of mystery still hangs over the actions of (at the time) Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker before & after the attack on President Kennedy that robbed him of his life. Some believe Decker had foreknowledge of the ambush of JFK on Elm St. in Dallas; others do not. It is evident today that MSM & local Dallas elements of it initially failed to inform the global public in a timely, accurate manner of the actions & observances of both police first responders & spectator witnesses to the assassination that might have quickly led to the apprehension of criminal perpetrators involved in murdering JFK. Much of what is now taken for granted for fact & credited to MSM actually originated from the combined efforts of independent JFK researchers & private investigators in the weeks, months & years following the ambush & murder of JFK.

The actions & words of two of Decker's deputies (Eugene Boone & Roger Craig) are equally controversial today. Boone found the 'LHO rifle' on the 6th floor of the TSBD; Craig reported events in the aftermath of the assassination that have been debated endlessly for decades, particularly, the allegations Craig made of witnessing LHO enter a green Rambler near the base of the grassy knoll & be driven out of the area by an unknown driver & later LHO's alleged comments at DPD headquarters confirming the incident.

Roger Craig committed suicide many years ago; Eugene Boone is still alive. As one of the few living witnesses to the JFK ambush & murder, I feel it best for Mr. Boone to tell his own story. I can say that many people are suspicious of the 'finding' of the 'LHO rifle' & have been so for a long time. Important questions about Boon's observances & actions in the immediate aftermath of the murder of John F. Kennedy have yet to be asked of him by previous interviewers.

At present, of the two Bill Decker deputies, Roger Craig was captured on several films searching the area Bill Decker ordered his officers (on Jesse Curry's radio) to report to & 'hold secure'; Eugene Boone has yet to be located on films & photographs taken inside or outside the TSBD during Boone's reported activities as an investigator at both locations.

Sheriff Bill Decker directed his men on Jesse Curry's radio (audible on the DPD audio tapes analyzed by the HSCA in the late 1970's) to report to the rail yards next to & connected to the top of the triple underpass seconds after the ambush ended. This area Decker was referring to was primarily a car park for Bill Decker's employees located on the rail yards side of the privacy fence on top of the north knoll.

Over the years, some researchers came to believe Decker ordered his employees to report to where many had their private cars parked as a means to keep them occupied & out of the search of the TSBD by DPD for an assumed assassin & his weapon. Others disagreed.

When Bill Decker left the assassination crime scene with DPD Chief Jesse Curry (in Curry's personal white Ford Galaxie) & was driven to Parkland hospital by Curry, it is not known if the two men discussed which law enforcement authority had jurisdiction of either the TSBD or the adjoining rail yards. Films & photographs taken at the crime scene depict a mixture of DPD officers & persons in civilian dress attire converging on the scenes. In addition, reports of SS men leaving their transport car & chasing after someone in the knoll area would be made in a TV broadcast & witness Bill Newman in a C-SPAN interview. An Army Intel official was on the scene taking photos. Who in LEO was in charge & of what? The arrest of the 3 tramps was documented in photos as resulting in the tramps being taken to the county jail in contrast to the 'LHO rifle' being taken to DPD Headquarters. The TV news coverage focused on DPD headquarters, not the county jail employees.

New students of the JFK assassination, particularly those following the multi-works of James DiEugenio have the benefit today of looking at the activities of LEO (Law Enforcement Officials) today much differently than their elders did 'back in the day'. For instance, some might notice Bill Decker's employee car park has a privacy fence on top of the north grassy knoll blocking the view of the cars. In contrast, the car park opposite (South knoll) does not.

New JFK students might notice after viewing MSM JFK TV ambush coverage the TV field reporters on scene (such as Dan Rather) not saying anything about Bill Decker's employee car park being the area police & motorcade spectators converged immediately after the shooting stopped. New questions they might consider asking today that were overlooked 'back in the day' might include:

- Who had jurisdiction of what during the assassination?

- Where exactly was Bill Decker's employee car park located behind the grassy knoll privacy fence? What were its' boundaries in reference to the TSBD, Lee Bowers tower & the privacy fence?

- Did Bill Decker's deputies park their patrol cars in this employee car park? Were any parked there during the assassination of JFK?

- Why are there no photos or films of Eugene Boone to collaborate his story he has historically repeated in addition to an interview Boone gave the 6th Floor Museum recently as posted on YouTube (particularly about Boone searching the rail yards area behind the grassy knoll privacy fence, the Pullman train cars parked behind the north pergola, the 6th floor of the TSBD & finding the 'LHO rifle')?

- Why did Boone turn the 'LHO rifle' over to DPD instead of his boss (Bill Decker)?

- Why was Eugene Boone (as one of Bill Decker's deputies) on the TSBD 6th floor searching that floor if DPD (Dallas Police Department) had jurisdiction of the building search? Why didn't he stay in the rail yards or return to his office at the county jail?

- How did the 'LHO rifle' get into the TSBD if LHO didn't bring it into the building himself? Two possibilities are gaining support: The rifle was shipped into the TSBD (a shipping & receiving plus storage business) by the post office that received it from Kleins or it made the journey from Kleins to LHO's post office to Inspector Holmes to Bill Decker (or one of his deputies) to the TSBD (to be found by Eugene Boone). Either route would help draw attention away from DPD & the inevitable suspicion DPD investigators planted the rifle when they initially entered the TSBD & searched it.

New students of the JFK assassination will be tasked to think outside the original box the story was fed to the public from, such as the question of what could possibly frighten (with the upcoming TV coverage following LHO's proposed jail transfer) Bill Decker (or others higher in power) to the extent of keeping TV cameras & reporters away from the county jail & surrounding area (including the car park) by murdering LHO on live TV?

Brad Milch

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