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Woody Harrelson: my father, the contract killer

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"I tried for years to get him out. To get him a new trial." Why did you think he deserved a new trial? Harrelson stops, and thinks about it as if for the first time. "I don't know he did deserve a new trial…"

This is one of the most despicable things to read. Harrelson is an example of someone with no definable skills who simply knew how to ham it up, got some roles, and made a ton of money as an actor. And that's all.

I don't believe his father had anything to do with shooting Kennedy (maybe it's a like father, like son thing of saying such outrageous s###). But his father was convicted in court for killing the judge, and that's all Harrelson has to offer ("Oh, I tried to get him a new trial because...he's my Dad.")?

And then at the start of the article, the writer shakes in boots knowing he's going to meet the "great" Woody Harrelson.

What a joke.

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