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Hi, folks! Work on the Lancer Forum restoration begins next week, and we hope to have it up in October of this year, or hopefully, to coincide with the Lancer Conference,Nov 18-20, at the Hotel Adolphus and no later than 11/22/16.

I am not sure if we'll need to get a different host for that site or not. (James, help me out here.)

I do know though, that in order to be able to both post in and view that Forum, and receive a registration key, you need to be a member of this one.

Here is a link where you may post your name, or "I'm in" or "Sure" , to let us know you want to be a member there as well.


The old threads on the Lancer site, as we understand it, will all be restored.


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Bumped so everyone can see it.

I'll pin it at the top of the Forum in a few days.

BTW, I get several messages from people who have tried to register for the Ed forum, and cannot.

We do requests for membership by email only :


We require you use your real name, a valid email address, and your agreement to the Terms of Use, seen here:


Additionally, you will have to send us your photo for use as an avatar and submit a brief biography. We will post these for you, and send you your password. We cannot approve membership until we receive these.

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JFK Lancer would have been hosted by Invision - the host of the EF - but they informed us they were not able to do so. Therefore JFK Lancer is hosted elsewhere.

That means that when we go live the EF will provide a hyperlink to the new site. Where this will be placed has yet to be decided.

Later Kathy will also announce an exciting new potential that is being developed within the new restored JFK Lancer that we would have like the EF to provide, but were never able to do.

Initially the restoration of JFK Lancer was just that - put the old site back as it was. However we later decided to rebuild the site from the ground up. Yes, that is much more expensive but when the site is relaunched you will discover we have done a great deal more than had we just restored the original site; impressive and important as the site was. We believe we have a copy of the entire site and all its data. However if members also have Lancer archives we would be pleased to get a copy to hand on to the restorers in case you have data we do not have in our copy of the archive.

In addition this is just the beginning of the restoration. The potential that JFK Lancer provides us - in its restored form - will allow us in the future to provide many more new features.

One feature of the new site is to make various adaptions of the originalLancer header. The copy that Kathy posted is the entry logo. There are two hyperlinks there. One to allow members to login to the new site and the other to link members Lancer Productions and Publications.

When in the new Lancer Form we are thinking of using the following header. Other site functions will have their own header.


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Nice looking header. Clean. Simple. Easy to read. I always notice things like that on websites, because I've been in the habit of creating my own custom headers and logos for all of my own sites/blogs. And I always try to keep them as simple as possible.

Here's the original Lancer Forum logo/header that was on the Lancer site for years (I downloaded a copy to my computer before the site disappeared a few years ago). But I like the one James posted above better....




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You may have been a member of the original Lancer but you need to apply to be members of the restored Lancer.

The restored Lancer is a venture carried out the EF which - not only restores what was already there - we have rebuilt the site from ground up as well as add features that were not part of the original site. All this is being done at considerable expense.

So Terry our answer is that you will need to apply if you want to be a member of the restored JFK Lancer.


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