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Coasttocoastam Wednesday Sept. 14: Oswald’s Secret Life

Douglas Caddy

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From today's coasttocoastam website about tonight's program:

Former advertising executive Ed Haslam will discuss the complicated story of Lee Harvey Oswald before the JFK assassination and his summer of secrets - the five months he spent in New Orleans as an agent of both the CIA and the Mob, while getting money from the FBI. He'll also detail how this relates to the 1964 murder of a cancer researcher, the contamination of the polio vaccine, and our current cancer epidemic. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.

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Will be listening to the C2C Haslam interview at 10:PM Pacific Standard Time.

But, before the interview of Haslam tonight, I am attending a special premier of Oliver Stone's new film "Snowden" at our multiplex.

Attendance of this was only by advance purchase and it is sold out.

After the film there will be live interviews of Stone and Snowden. Live on East Coast time and tape delayed for us here on the West Coast.

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Joe: I was too late in getting back to the local ACLU to get a ticket to tonight's premier. Could you post tomorrow your assessment of the Snowden film and the presentation that followed it? I am certain the forum would find it of great interest.

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Just viewed the film.

Late here and I was hospitalized last night until 7:am this morning for various reasons so wiped out about now.

Will comment more on the film tomorrow.

But, of course the film is extremely thought provoking in many ominous ways.

Much like Stone's JFK in this way.

But very different in style.

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Stone's film "Snowden" will be a challenge to review and critique for many reasons.

After the film was shown Oliver Stone was interviewed on stage and was presented with a question from the audience there.

It was a typical one asking Stone what was the one main thing ( or message? ) he hoped his film would convey.

Stone seemed slightly irritated and said his film wasn't ( or wasn't like ) a "fast food restaurant" and that there were not quick and simple things he could say about it like that.

Stone said he just wanted to tell this story, and those that see it can decide what they want to take from it.

I do recommend everyone here to see the film.

It's very different in style and story than Stone's JFK ( JFK was more powerful in actually showing JFK's brutal slaughter ) yet there are connective moral and social issues to JFK and 11,22,1963 which anyone informed about that event ( everyone here ) will so clearly, easily and immediately recognize.

I would hope that our own Jim DiEugenio sees this film and reviews it soon for the forum.

I feel this film deserves insightful and interesting commentary much more well spoken than what I am capable of.

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Summary of program from coasttocoastam website of Sept. 15, 2016:

Date: Wednesday - September 14, 2016

Host: George Noory

Guests: Ed Haslam, Open Lines

Former advertising executive Ed Haslam discussed the complicated story of Lee Harvey Oswald before the JFK assassination and his summer of secrets - the five months he spent in New Orleans in 1963 as an agent of both the CIA and the Mob, while getting money from the FBI. He also detailed how this relates to the 1964 murder of a cancer researcher, Dr. Mary Sherman, the contamination of the polio vaccine, and our current cancer epidemic. Sherman's work mutating monkey viruses for a cancer vaccine may have been co-opted into a secret bioweapons project, and it appears that Oswald worked on this mission, and may have been tasked with unleashing this kind of weapon on Fidel Castro, Haslam reported.

There is clear evidence that Oswald was an intelligence operative not the "lone nut" portrayed by accusers in the JFK case, he continued, outlining some of the intertwined players on the New Orleans scene: In his first week in New Orleans, Oswald intercepted science student Judith Vary Baker at the post office and spoke in Russian to her. The following day he introduced her to David Ferrie (implicated by Jim Garrison in the JFK assassination) and they discussed Mary Sherman, who then showed up at a party at Ferrie's house, a few days later.

Oswald was killed in front of a police station after the JFK assassination in order to silence him, as he could have revealed many secrets as to who was behind the conspiracy, as well as details about the bioweapon project, Haslam argued. He further conjectured that Oswald was initially brought back into the US by Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General at the time, so that he could spy on the Mafia for him. Haslam, along with George Noory, and other guests including Jim Marrs, and Judith Vary Baker will be appearing at the upcoming Lee Harvey Oswald Conference in October in New Orleans.

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I heard some of this last night and was extremely disappointed. I consider Haslam's book extremely important to the world at large. But to hear him saying all the things LHO allegedly did in NO knowing that it was all based on what JVB has told him was very discouraging. I wonder when he will see through her propaganda. Perhaps never as she is his "witness". Just one more trip down the rabbit hole.


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I listened to Ed Haslam on Coast to Coast that night and I thought I heard him say that J Edgar Hoover shut down the JFK assassination investigation one and a half hours after JFK was killed. Ed went on to say that J. Edgar Hoover did not want to hear anything other than LHO did it. In 1975, I attended a presentation by Mark Lane in a church basement in Albany, NY on the Warren Commission. I still remember him saying that the Warren Commission was not set up to determine who killed JFK, but rather to prove that LHO did it all by himself. All evidence to the contrary was ignored or destroyed.

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Very interesting -- Ed Haslam found out that Ozzie was in New Orleans the day before and the day after he was in Oak Ridge, TN 7,25,63. That's when he signed the registry at the Atomic Museum "Lee Oswald, USSR" and gave his address as "Dallas Rd., Dallas, Texas." Of course there is no Dallas Road in Big D.

Haslam is certain that LHO had to fly there because of how long it took to drive to NE Tennessee back in the day, 14-16 hours each way. Further, EH thinks LHO must have flown there and back on a CIA bird. And EH thinks Ozzie and crew were most likely transporting guns and/or military ordnance, probably stolen or at least illicit.

Oswald was a busy fellow around that time:

7,19,1963 -- quit or was fired from Reily Coffee

then raids on Lake Pontchartrain anti-Castro training camps

7,25,63 -- quick trip to Knoxville area (leaves cryptic message?)

final raid on L. P. training camps

very soon handing out leaflets in front of N. O. Trade Mart. Lee thought he needed Cuban back-up for such a potentially dangerous task, so he got his good bud Rafael Cruz (yup, dad of Ted). Oz waited for TV cameras to show up before leafletting. Whole thing couldn't be much more manufactured sounding, ey?

I was looking around the web for LHO connections to Atomic Energy Commission and ran across essays by Jim Phelps. It sounds reasonable what he deduced: that there was to be a Dallas leg of the Texas trip was pinned down as early as June 5 and that Oak Ridge knew by July 26 (the day after LHO and CIA and co. was there) that JFK's D-date was to be 11,22,1963. Jim Phelps also thinks that an old Jack Ruby pal, Ray Tucker - then at Oak Ridge, was a leader in JFKA. And that Israel got their nuke material from stolen Oak Ridge stockpiles.


There was so much more in that Ed Haslam interview. Maybe I can put it on here soon and see if anyone sees any meat on dem bones. I got a lot out of Dr. Mary's Monkey, though much of it SEEMS preposterous, like a sci-fi horror movie. But that's a trait of the 1960's assassinations, the full enormity of them are really too horrible for most Americans "to wrap their head around."

Edited by Roy Wieselquist
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