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The Washington Post Nov 23-29 1963

Guest Bart Kamp

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The 11/27 story bout the Paines--its actually by them if you read it--is precious.

1.) Mike says first he had doubts but "Now the evidence seems conclusive to me."

Well, geez, Mike you and the wife furnished half of it, what did you expect?

2.) As the reporter is talking to Mike, Ruth is meeting with two FBI agents at the dining room door.

Hmm. Would have loved to have heard that one. Maybe something like, RP: "What else do you guys need?" FBI: "We are going through the inventory now, and will get back to you."

3.) She then comes back and immediately starts trashing LHO, he was not very bright, illogical and steeped in Marxism.

Sounds familiar to me Ruth, like when your hubby was impersonating a Cuban sympathizer at Luby's near SMU and the FBI came down to identify him, or maybe when you two were collecting all those files on pro Castro sympathizers that then disappeared while in the DPD custody.

4.) That is a real feat where she describes how Oswald got the job at the TSBD through Linnie Mae Randle!

Very clever Ruth, leaving your name and crucial role out of the whole affair, plus the fact you made sure Oswald did not get word of the other job that paid better.

Two vipers in the grass.

Edited by James DiEugenio
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