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Abraham Bolden podcast Sunday

Joseph McBride

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Former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden will be interviewed this Sunday,

Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. Eastern time by me and host Bob Wilson on Bob Wilson's
Antennae Radio podcast for Debbie Scott's Radio Network. We will discuss the November 2, 1963, Chicago plot, Bolden's attempts to tell
the Warren Commission about it and Secret Service racism and misconduct, and his
trumped-up bribery conviction. President Kennedy called Bolden "the Jackie Robinson
of the Secret Service." It will be an honor talking with him and hearing
more of his thoughts on these and other subjects.


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I've just been informed that today's planned podcast with former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden (whom President Kennedy called "the Jackie Robinson of the Secret Service") has had to be rescheduled. I am sorry it won't be on today as planned but will update you. I am looking forward to doing the interview with Mr. Bolden with host Bob Wilson on Bob Wilson's Antennae Radio podcast for Debbie Scott's Radio Network.

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Bolden's comments and recollections about all the subjects Joseph McBride lists have always intrigued me.

And I have always believed Bolden was telling the truth.

When interviewed by Mark Lane, Bolden related some very heavy stuff regarding several agents in the White House SS Detail and their incredibly blatant and strong racism as expressed by statements such as these:

Bolden's WH boss to Bolden: ( not exact quotes but very close ) Bolden, you were born a n++++r , you're still a n++++r now and you always will be a n++++r.

And don't forget it.

And Bolden says he overheard more than one agent saying ( again, not quotes but we all know close to what Bolden said ) that they wouldn't react quickly if someone were to initiate harmful actions toward JFK - inferring they hated JFK for his sympathetic views on blacks and their civil rights that much.

I was born in 1951. Let me tell you. Most adult males in those times ( 50's and 60's and white like me ) were much more black hating racist and open about it than someone today can even imagine.

I witnessed and heard black hating racist comments just like the one's that Bolden relates about his fellow SS WH Detail agents all the time.

In the 50's and early 60's and back into the forties America was so much more a "white" society with almost all positions of authority, security and opportunity occupied by whites. And to see blacks given opportunities like Bolden was given was incredibly threatening to people of this mentality and their sense of white favoring control, values and destiny.

I would "expect" at least some members of the WH SS Detail to be like this and to talk as Bolden describes.

I have viewed JFK's and Nixon's presidential election debates from 1960 and in at least one of these , I couldn't believe how clear and committed JFK was in the area of improving the rights and opportunities of blacks in this country.

JFK's comments on this issue even back then in those 57 year old nationally televised debates are no less sympathetic and encouraging and advocating for the advancement of civil rights than those said by liberal politicians today including Obama and Hillary!

I've always said that I think the hatred of JFK, just for his sympathetic views on race and civil rights alone was so deep and widespread in this country that it equated into actual "wishing the man harm " rage toward him.

My own stepfather used to call JFK a n++++r loving bastard every time he saw him on the news. And he was typical of many working class fellows back in those days much more than we want to admit today.

The day JFK was slaughtered, this racist step-father only held back a little in gloating was simply because he didn't quite believe that someone would actually take JFK out like that.

I apologize for my personal non-research comments on this top research board but sometimes I feel it doesn't hurt to include these in the JFK assassination discussion especially from those of us that were alive in that time and experienced the event first hand as individual citizens.

And my own experience in this historical drama has always left me with a view that racism was a much greater part of the Kennedy hate rage and even efforts to kill him.

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