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In a nutshell: the CTs defend a very rare shot, while the LNs propose an impossible shot.

Why rare? Because if we look at the "Myth Busters" episode we see that the body of a pig was hanging from a hook, very close to an edge while a succession of projectiles of varying calibers failed at the commended task of dismounting the porcine sample. Therefore, the Hollywood back blast is a myth.

Or, is it?

What you read above constitutes a crucial error in science: failing to make proper use of analogous situations. Whether it is this TV case, or Robert Prudhomme, attempting to translate his experience with deer or selecting melons instead of coconuts (shame on you, doctor Alvarez!).

Proper analogous shots (for purposes of real life human beings caught in YouTube, animals, physical simulations or pure computer simulations) include:

- Very hard material, since the cranium happens to be the hardest of all bones. Mother Nature knows the importance of protecting the brain.

- A semi-spheric chamber, able to accumulate pressure and suddenly release it. Yes, you are correct if you immediately envisioned a bomb.

Both the hanging pork and the Canadian deer have a very small brain, leaving those two proposals unacceptable.

That's all I have for now. Feel free to respond or wait until I remove the "Work in Progress" sign.


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