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John Barbour to be on coasttocoastam radio Tuesday, Sept. 27

Douglas Caddy

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Date: Tuesday - September 27, 2016
Host: George Noory
Guests: John Barbour, Open Lines

Subject: JFK Assassination

John Barbour is the only performer in TV to win Emmys for both entertainment and news shows, and is known as the godfather of reality TV as the creator, co-producer and co-host of NBC's 'Real People.' John was the only person in TV to go to New Orleans to interview Jim Garrison. It was this 3-hour interview that became the backbone of his award-winning documentary, The Garrison Tapes, called by many in the field the best documentary on the JFK assassination. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.

Website(s): •johnbarboursworld.com

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Doug Caddy,

What happened on COAST TO COAST last night regards their interview of John Barbour?

I was listening to the interview when there was a cut off and then host George Noory calmly says he was ending the interview due to Barbour's overuse of inappropriate language.

The rest of the show consisted of "open line" call-ins only.

Since Noory cut out the offensive words of Barbour before they aired, I am sure many listeners were probably startled like I was at the shocking end of Barbour's interview. In all the years of listening to C2C, I have only seen this happen once before.

That interview cut off happened because the interviewed guest was coming off as truly disturbed.

Not sure about Barbour though. He did seem unable to stop sharing story after story of his life that didn't relate to the Oswald one and seemed bent on trying to coloring these in an overly comedic light.

Sad to see precious nationally heard talk time wasted like that.

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I was listening to the program when George Noory suddenly announced that he was ending the interview with John Barbour. It was a startling development. Later in the program Noory indicated that John had several times in the course of the interview used words that are prohibited by the FCC or considered to be in poor taste in the public discourse. Noory had been forced to push the red bottom that deleted these words under a seven second delay before they were broadcast. Today on Facebook John indicated that in telling a story about his legendary career in television he had quoted someone else using the "N" word in describing another person. This apparently pushed Noory over the edge.

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