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Online Seminars Launched

John Simkin

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The Online Seminars were launched this morning. They have been placed in another part of the forum so you will not see them from this location. The seminars will be here:


So far the following have been uploaded:

LBJ and the Assassination of JFK (John Simkin)


What a Difference a Day Makes. The Release of the Assassination Evidence to the FBI (Jim Marrs)


Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza (Allan Eaglesham)


Please remember the following guidelines when posting on these threads:

(i) Wherever possible, members should give references (books, documents, etc) concerning the comments that they make. This will help those carrying out academic research into this area.

(ii) Members should not make personal attacks on other members. Nor should references be made to their abilities as researchers. Most importantly, the motivations of the poster should not be questioned.

(iii) Members should take care over the accuracy of their postings. This includes spellings, capital letters, etc. This is important as the forum is read by young students and therefore we should not be setting them a bad example.

(iv) Make sure your postings are relevant to the thread.

(v) Members should use the quote function of the forum when replying to people’s posts. To do this click the REPLY button. Pressing this button will allow you to reply to a topic, and have the text from a particular reply quoted in your own reply. This can be edited so that only the relevant passage is included. If you want to reply to several postings, copy and paste the relevant comments into your own answer. To make this clear use the colour options to highlight what someone else is saying. Type in the name of the person after the quotation.

(vi) It helps the reader if the text of your posts goes right across the page. If you find this has not happened, use the EDIT button to make sure it does.

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