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CIA admits Eugenio Martinez, linked to JFK assassinaton, was one of its agents

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From the document: “Under no circumstances would the Agency give up all records relating to the Agency’s relationship with Martinez,” the CIA lawyer told WSPF, for to do so would represent “the breaking of trust of an agent.”

This means the CIA, at the time of the Watergate break-in, had “an agent” planted on the break-in team. (The FBI determined that when arrested, Martinez possessed a key to the desk of Maxie Wells, the secretary to Democratic Party official R. Spencer Oliver whose telephone was wiretapped in the Watergate break-in operation.) While Martinez’s dual role has been discussed in other Watergate histories, the declaration by CIA lawyers of Martinez’s status as “an agent” appears to add new information to the Watergate saga.


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Viewer’s comment by LionBronstein on YouTube:

Brilliant! Important recollections from a man who was quite obviously in the middle of US/Cuban "relations" in the early 1960s. Martinez is also a link between covert CIA executive actions in 1963 and 1972. Watergate and JFK assassination are related. By fingering Lawrence Howard, the contract killer, as the person who appeared at the Cuban and Russian Embasies in September 1963 [he mentions Sylvia Duran], Martinez drops a bombshell. Not Oswald, not some fat, bald-headed Polish sailor. This is new information, very probably correct that has not been released before. Martinez also names names, in order of command, of those actors against Castro's life who were "turned around" to take out Kennedy: Rolando Cubela [AMLASH], William Harvey, Theodore Shackley, Desmond Fitzgerald, [and Helms, although he's not mentioned. This is heady stuff. I hope you have more footage of this very important interview. It is evidence; to what is now, History.

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Thanks for posting this. It is quite a revelation that he identifies Lawrence Howard as the "Oswald" at the Embassy. The only description I recall was of a "blonde" Oswald which does not fit Lawrence which makes me wonder...

As a 30 year Florida resident with a reasonable command of 'Spanish' I have to say Martinez' accent is atrocious. More often than not I can't pick out a single word in an entire sentence, so I can only go by the Youtube comments.


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Great thread, Doug.

To Tom Neal, I reply that radical rightist Ex-General Walker was also consistent in blaming the Communists in general for the JFK assassination.

The John Birch Society, the source of Ex-General Walker's ideas, however, would also say there was no difference between the CIA and the KGB.   Anything that was centered in Washington DC (those damn Yankees) was automatically disqualified, according to these ultra-rightist Anticommunists.

For the JBS, the Communists were to blame for everything -- including the direction of the JFK administration.

Now, Eugenio Martinez has a more nuanced opinion -- he admitted that JFK was waging a secret war against Fidel Castro.  This was why Martinez became convinced in his own mind that Fidel Castro killed JFK -- as revenge for the Bay of Pigs and for all these CIA plots against him.

This is typical of the Cuban opinion, IMHO, that they gave Fidel Castro way too much credit.  Like the USA was afraid of Cuba -- yeah, right.

But the real bombshell, IMHO, was when Eugenio Martinez named Larry Howard in connection with to the impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City.  This is great for my argument because it supports the Walker-did-it CT which I have represented on this Forum since 2011.

Larry Howard, some will remember, was the sidekick of Loran Hall.  Both Larry Howard and Loran Hall were friends of Harry Dean in 1962 and 1963, when Harry Dean was invited to join the Minutemen there in Southern California, in the context of a John Birch Society chapter, where Ex-General Walker was a frequent visitor.  

Harry Dean's account links Loran Hall, Larry Howard and General Walker with the Southern California JBS and Minutemen -- directly.

Now, some people still want to blame the CIA for everything about the JFK assassination -- but the evidence shows that David Morales and Howard Hunt really went off the reservation for the JFK assassination.  Of course, I'm referring to the evidence of Bill Simpich's landmark eBook, State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City (2014).  Nobody can understand the role of David Morales in the JFK assassination without reading Bill Simpich's eBook, IMHO.

Larry Howard supporting David Morales in Mexico City, where Morales was supporting General Walker and Guy Banister to portray LHO as a Communist -- that makes more sense to me than the CIA-did-it CT, that 50-year old CT which has never tied up its loose ends.

--Paul Trejo

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