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Tobias rent receipts

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Mr. and Mrs. Tobias were the apartment managers at 602 Elsbeth St.

Mrs. TOBIAS. Now, do you want me to leave the books with you?
Mr. JENNER. Yes; leave the books and we will give them to your husband. Tobias Exhibit No. 1 is offered in evidence.

Mr. JENNER. I appreciate your cooperation. These are your original receipt books and we have recited them in the record and now return them to you and thank you very much for bringing them.
Mr. TOBIAS. I have one of these I keep ever since I been in that apartment and I been there for 3 years and a half and I have got every receipt I ever wrote and I keep it on records and lots of times I have to go back to them and there's only one person that doesn't get into them and that's the credit department.

The reason I ask is that according to their testimony, Oswald was supposed to have vacated the Elsbeth apartment by March 1st, but they let him hang around until the 3rd. I think because the utilities hadn't been turned on at Neely St. yet.


Mr. RANKIN. While you were at Elsbeth Street do you recall seeing any guns in your apartment?
Mrs. OSWALD. No.

Mr. RANKIN. When did you move to Neely Street from the Elsbeth Street apartment?
Mrs. OSWALD. In January after the new year. I don't remember exactly.

Mr. RANKIN. Do you recall the first time that you observed the rifle?
Mrs. OSWALD. That was on Neely Street. I think that was in February.

Mr. RANKIN. What kind of place did you have at Elsbeth Street, was it rooms or an apartment?
Mrs. OSWALD. An apartment.

Mr. RANKIN. Do you recall what rent you paid? (At Elsbeth)
Mrs. OSWALD. It seems to me that it was $60, plus the utilities.
Mr. RANKIN. That would be $60 a month?
Mrs. OSWALD. Yes, and electricity and gas but the water was free. Sixty dollars a month including water.

Mr. RANKIN. Do you remember why you moved from Elsbeth to Neely Street?
Mrs. OSWALD. I like it better on Neely Street.

Mr. RANKIN. What about the rent? Was there a difference in rent between the two places?
Mrs. OSWALD. No, it was the same rent. It is perhaps even less. It seems to me it was $55.

How could Marina be so specific about the rent they paid between the two places, and yet be off by two months about when they moved there, and when she first saw the rifle?

The rifle hadn't even been supposedly ordered until March 12th. Was it ever determined when it arrived?

Do the Tobias rent receipts appear anywhere in the record? Are they part of the Warren Report itself?

Tobias Exhibit 1 is a sketch of the apartment layout, but not the rent receipts.

Steve Thomas

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