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We want the gun too

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On June 11, 1964, Marina Oswald testified to the Warren Commission. This is in Volume V of the Hearings.

This time, she was accompanied by a lawyer, a guy named McKenzie.

At the close of her testimony, McKenzie asks that the Warren Commission return her wedding ring, and the originals of all the documents and letters she has turned over. The Commission can keep copies, but she wants the originals. ( I guess for copyright's sake).

He then says,

The Chairman. Well, I answer you as well as I can. We are driving to conclude the work of the Commission, and we believe that it will be completed, in the next month--we hope so, anyway.

Mr. Mckenzie. Of course she has no objection whatsoever for the Commission to have the documents which it now has as long as the originals are returned to her.

The Chairman. We will give consideration to that, because there are some things that are evidence here, that belonged to him, that perhaps will have to remain evidence. I can't make any analysis of all of those things at the present time. But, for instance, let us say, the gun.

Mr. Mckenzie. We want that, too.

The Chairman. I say, we will give consideration to that. But I cannot give you any assurance of it at this time.




Steve Thomas

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