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Coming Soon: 775,000 CIA Papers From CREST

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On 10/31/2016 at 9:03 PM, Douglas Caddy said:


[emphasis added below]

Office of the DCI Collection (ODCI): 28,550 documents/129,000 pages from the records of the first five Directors of Central Intelligence: Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, General Walter “Bedell” Smith, Allen Dulles, John McCone, and Richard Helms. These records run from the beginning of CIA in 1947 through the late 1960s and include a wide variety of memos, letters, minutes of meetings, chronologies and related files from the Office of the DCI (ODCI) that document the high level workings of the CIA during its early years.

That computes to very roughly three unique documents per day!  Surely our DCI tax dollars generated more paper “memos, letters, minutes…, chronologies and related files” than that!  My guess is many are missing and gone forever, but I still hope the CIA can find some server space and toner and get this project moving again.  

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