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Judyth Baker presents JFK Conference Live

Douglas Caddy

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On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 11:21 AM, Pat Speer said:

Yikes. Too many Stones.  I have no problem with Sean Stone. I was complaining about Roger Stone.

You're right. In my (usual) haste I mis-read it. You actually say "not Oliver's son".  So sorry.

Roger Stone's talk was all about Trump's win.  Waste of time to listen.

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I may have missed any postings about this, but has anyone written about Judyth Vary Baker's presentation at this conference?

She did speak, correct?

I have read an assessment of Roger Stone and his talk.

Same with James Fetzer.  Both quite negative.

But, what about Baker?  I would love to read takes on her appearance.

If she did speak, did she come off as shamelessly self-promoting as so many here describe her and her story?

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It was a very well attended and enthusiastic conference. Dr. Cyril Wecht and Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, were great. My presentation was very well received.

My apologies to Mr. Gordon Ferrie. He is indeed a true patriot. His credentials are impressive and have been confirmed by a couple sources.


Mr. Ferrie- my apologies.


Vince Palamara

Judyth did a presentation on Raphael Cruz. It was interesting, regardless of whether you agree with her conclusions or not. She didn't come across as heavy-handed or a promoter at all. In fact, if one didn't know better, this could have been a COPA or Lancer conference (shudder to think, I know...then again, as I keep saying, there WAS a time when I was pummeled with "why would you associate with those groups" talk)

EVERY conference I have ever attended had a mixed bag of speakers and "results"...it is what it is. That said, this was the best attended and most enthusiastic one I have ever been to (and this includes THIRD DECADE 1991-1992, COPA 1995-1996 and Lancer 1997).

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On 11/24/2016 at 9:29 AM, Vince Palamara said:

Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, was brilliant. Roger Stone gave a pro-Trump, anti-Hillary speech with 25 percent LBJ-did-it theory mixed in.

I checked it out. That's true 75% of Stones presentation was a Pro Trump,anti Hillary speech. Which come to think of it makes sense, since the sum total of research contribution he's made to the Kennedy assassination could be put on a post card.

And that's only if you believe his story that he was the only person in history Nixon singled out to reveal his belief that LBJ did it and he didn't think it noteworthy to tell anyone else for half his life before he revealed it.

About the only resistance he encountered was in the Q&A , after making reference to LBJ's shameless womanizing, someone asked  if in all the time he spent with Trump did he find Trump had much in common with LBJ. In which Stone brilliantly sidesteps denying seeing any of that side of Trump but then viciously comparing LBJ (who of course murdered JFK) and Hillary. I guess Roger saw that article on line about Hillary going to Epstien's pedophile island with Bill to get herself laid.

In fairness, he did say Nixon "wasn't perfect" and Trump "isn't perfect" which made me think anything short of the bar of "perfect" is OK. Except maybe if it's Hillary or LBJ.

Then he cleverly ends revealing his soft, personal side, calling for prayer, for Trump.

Vince, did I notice in passing Stone referred to you as Vince Palmyrie?




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hahaha! yes- he did. He shook my hand before he gave his talk and told me he was going to send me a monograph on the 3/30/81 Reagan attempt (I am mentioned in the paperback edition of his LBJ-did-it book).

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