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Bullet scar on inside of driver's door in Dallas T-H photo

Steven Kossor

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Several pictures of 1963 Lincoln Continental interiors have surfaced and all of them show exposed screw heads attaching the door upholstery to the door frame.  The symmetry of the screw heads is very much better in the photos I've looked at, but not exact, so the asymmetry of the features doesn't warrant further comment.  The last word I'll have on this is that all screw heads are circular and the feature I've pointed out on the driver's door is not circular.  Maybe a bullet struck the door just to the right of the screw?  Something atypical caused the unusual, oblong appearance of this feature on the inside of the driver's door; I doubt it was a misshapen screw.  I guess we'll never know.  Best wishes to the research community that examined this tiny area of inquiry so carefully.  The truth will out, but only if we keep searching for it, where ever that search leads.

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