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James Hosty and KGB Agent Kostikov

Paul Trejo

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On 9/16/2019 at 8:33 PM, Pamela Brown said:

I have the book. I don't agree about your pushing that theory.  Your opinion though.  You're entitled.

Hi Pamela, 

I wouldn't use the word "pushing" here.   I find plenty of evidence for claiming that the theme of V.V. Kostikov and his alleged plot with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK is repeated continually in Hosty's text in Assignment Oswald (1996).   I'll illustrate by citing just a few pages which reference Kostikov:

page 48


. Jeff Woolsey, Immigration Naturalization Services (INS) asked Hosty: "How about Oswald in Mexico City contacting the Russians?"

. Hosty cites an FBI memo of 10/18/1963 citing earlier CIA records, saying that Oswald was in Mexico City and contacted Valerie Kostikov, a known KGB agent.

. Hosty asks himself, "Who is the world is Valerie Kostikov?"


page 70


. Hosty asks himself, "Did the CIA fail to share data with the FBI?"

. CIA agent Kyle Clark says to FBI manager Ken Howe: "Kostikov was going to..."
    - Just then James Hosty walked in the room, and Clark cut short his sentence and hurried out.

. Hosty asks himself, "Kostikov, again?  Who was he and what was going on?"


page 109


. Hosty asks himself, "How did this USSR Embassy official, Valerie Kostikov, fit into the JFK assassination?"


page 139

TUESDAY 05 MAY 1964 -- 09:00

. Hosty says, "Someone had removed the two USSR communiques from FBI headquarters about Oswald and Kostikov: (1) the October 18, 1963 FBI memo citing CIA records about Oswald and Kostikov; and (2) the November 9, 1963 communique that Oswald had written to the USSR Embassy in Washington DC, admitting that he had contacted Kostikov."


page 140

TUESDAY 05 MAY 1964 -- 14:30

. Hosty says, "I told Forrest Sorrells about the two missing FBI documents."

. Hosty says, "Alan Belmont exclaimed, 'I told them never to let you see that!"

. Hosty asks again: "Who was Kostikov?"


page 175-176

EARLY JUNE 1967 -- 10:30

. Hosty writes that Simon Tulai, a young FBI trainee, told him that, 'The WC had steered away from the fact that when Oswald was in Mexico City in October 1963, he had met with Valerie Kostikov, the KGB assassin.'

. Hosty writes, "So, FBI HQ knew this and failed to tell me!  Now everything made sense!"


page 205-207

FRIDAY 12 DECEMBER 1975 -- 14:00

Edward Epstein of the Frank Church Committee charged Hosty directly: 'How can you defend the fact that you knew about Kostikov, the KGB assassin?'

. Hosty replied, "I did not know it in 1963!  
    - FBI HQ admitted my innocence!  
    - The FBI was really to blame for keeping me in the dark!  
    - The WC never asked me that question!
    - Paul Wallach told me that the FBI knew in the summer of 1963 that Kostikov was a KGB assassin!"


page 215

SUNDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 1977 -- 09:30

Hosty writes:

. During October 1963, Oswald told Cuban Embassy officials that he was "going to kill that son-of-a-bitch" Kennedy.

. The next day, he claims, Oswald met Valerie Kostikov.

. "Kostikov used Mexican thugs to commit political murders in Mexico City."

. "The FBI and CIA watched Kostikov, but failed to pin anything on him."

. "From what I have been able to learn from my source, Oswald had a clandestine meeting with Valerie Kostikov at an undisclosed restaurant near a fountain in Mexico City."


page 216


. "When Ivan Obeyov asked LHO who he was working for in the USSR Embassy, Oswald told him, Valerie Kostikov."


page 217

. When the CIA notified the FBI of Oswald's contact with Kostikov, and when Oswald sent the USSR Embassy in Washington DC about it, that data was routed by the FBI to the FBI Division 5 for National Security.

. However, it was not until 11/22/1963 that the FBI realized what this meant.


page 232

NOVEMBER 1977 -- 09:00

. Hosty tells HSCA officer Gary Cornwell: "If there was a JFK plot, it started in Mexico City, not in NOLA."

. Hosty then explained to Cornwell about Oswald and Kostikov.


page 244

. Hosty: "FBI Director Clarence Kelly -- and later FBI Director William Webster -- both ruled that I was innocent in the JFK assassination."

. Hosty: "They both admitted that the FBI failed to give me data about Oswald and Valerie Kostikov."


For more information about this interesting saga about James Hosty, I refer the reader to his book, Assignment Oswald (1996) and to his index there, under the name, "Kostikov."

Hosty admits that he told the HSCA about his Oswald-Kostikov theory of the JFK Assassination.    I will comment on his HSCA deposition in the days to come.



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