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Oswald and Lovelady 2:00PM 11/22/63

Robin Unger

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9 hours ago, Sandy Larsen said:

Wow, I had no idea Lovelady died at such a young age. And during the HSCA hearings, no less.

I'm surprised I haven't heard of his being among the suspicious deaths.

Yeah... why is that?


Dear Sandy,

That's because, according to Cinque and Fetzer, Billy Nolan Lovelady (as "captured" in Buck, Martin, and Hughes), was a chainsmoking Neanderthal dwarf, and chainsmoking Neanderthal dwarfs tend to die at an early age,

--  Tommy :sun


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Altgens ( No More Silence ) part 1 Credit: Larry Sneed

Altgens Quote: Re - Altgen's 6 photo

I got a phone call, it was on a Sunday, and this man identified himself as Lovelady.
the very guy that's pictured in that particular picture.

Lovelady called me, and he was telling me that he would like to have a print of the
picture that showed him on the step of the School 
Book Depository

Full size: Image here.



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