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Hey Robin,

In the last frame of the Dorman clip that you posted, it seems that the man seen standing right behind the guy in overalls is the same "cowboy" we see looking straight up at TSBD at the end of the Darnell clip you posted. I think in Dorman he has both arms raised in the manner of someone taking a picture (although we can't see his head we can see his shadow). His back is to the sun suggesting that he's not shielding his eyes. Could he be taking a picture and does he later, in Darnell, seem to gave something in his right hand? I'm wondering if this could be Sgt. (E-5) Powell or someone else taking the picture attributed to Powell or simply my imagination?

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28 minutes ago, Robin Unger said:

Hi Chris that is Hugh Betzner taking this photo showing the Towner family.

Robin, thanks for that. I'm familiar with Jack White's cropped scan but it would be nice to see the whole thing, is there an uncropped Betzner?

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On 11/26/2016 at 6:28 PM, Robin Unger said:

I have never seen the full uncropped version of Betzner 2.

I played around with the crop you had above and the Jack White crop and I came up with the composite below. It's not perfect, I had a lot of difficulty trying to line up the rear portion of the Limo around the rear tire while keeping the aspect ratio locked. I don't know if that difficulty says something about one of the two crops or if it's just my limited skill.

On the left side, the front wheel, hood line, building and fire escape all line up pretty well but what's interesting is the bigger crop has rounded corners making me believe it wasn't cropped on that side and fully to the left. That does not seem to be the case at all now.


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