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Adele Edisen passes away

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5 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Isn't that what Adele concluded herself about the whole episode?


She was, over time, influenced by several researchers. The impression I get from her Oral History is that John Armstrong's two Oswald theory resonated most with her but I see influences of several others. This doesn't take anything away from her story, the JFK research community embraced her and gave her a forum.

Yes, she concluded eventually that Rivera had to be operational in MKULTRA and I agree for reasons of logic, despite the craziness of the story.

If it was MKULTRA, in my opinion, that would suggest the project had some successes which is not how the CIA "played it down". Much like MOCKINGBIRD. I'm very suspicious of successful long term OPS that worked but were self-terminated by CIA years before we discovered them.

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