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Peter Janney to be on coasttocoastam Dec. 3

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I listened to the interview last night of Peter Janney, which was one of the most riveting ever broadcast by coasttocoastam. He said that Mary Meyer became JFK's mistress in 1960 and that JFK fell in love with her and once told journalist-friend Charles Bartlett that when he was no longer president he would divorce Jackie and take Mary as his wife. In money and aristocracy Mary was equal to JFK, a key factor in their relationship. Mary introduced JFK to marijuana, LSD and others drugs in the spring of 1963, drugs she had obtained from Timothy Leary, and the affects of these on JFK reinforced his belief that world peace could be achieved working with Khrushchev in Russia. Peter says that JFK's speech on peace at American University in June 1963 sealed his fate with the CIA and the military. Peter also mentioned that just prior to his murder JFK had asked the CIA for its files on UFOs.

In the course of writing his book about Mary, Peter traumatically discovered that his father, a CIA agent, was a player in her assassination. His father's assigned task was to inform Ben Bradlee at the Washington Post of Mary's murder. Hours later Bradley accompanied by James Angleton went to Mary's art studio and Angleton seized Mary's diary, although Bradley latter contradicted himself in giving an account of this, thus raising the issue of Bradley perhaps having prior knowledge of the plan to assassinate Mary. After JFK's murder, Mary had set about investigating it and her discoveries of who carried it out and how it was done were recorded in her diary. Her plan was to publish her findings in a book in which she acknowledged being JFK's mistress. This would have opened up the entire issue of JFK's assassination, which was why she had to be killed.

The CIA carried out Mary's assassination pursuant to a detailed plan that included the framing of an innocent black man for her murder. Peter said that a black woman defense attorney brilliantly presented a strong case that her client did not commit the murder, leading to the jury finding him innocent. Peter maintained that Mary's story would never have been told publicly were it not for what the defense lawyer did, which goes to show that the CIA cannot control everything in one of its most sensitive assassinations.

Peter also said that his life as the son of a CIA agent was similar in many ways to that of Saint John Hunt, the son of Howard Hunt. Both as teenagers had fathers who worked for the CIA and engaged in wet operations.

Peter disclosed that the third edition of his book is now available and includes a CIA document in the appendix in which the CIA acknowledges its role in the JFK assassination. He was about to elaborate on this when there was a commercial break in the radio program and the subject regretfully was not followed up.




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