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Slide show of 2016 JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas

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Looks like it was a successful conference.

What did Judyth V B say about Raphael Cruz Sr.?

I watched video of two or three of Vary Baker's New Orlean's witnesses.  One lived in the same apartment house as Mary Sherman and next door to the strange "Juan."

She claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald knocked on her door one day and asked if they knew where this Juan was and also asked them to give a package to this Juan when he returned.

The witness seemed credible sounding to me.

Another was the daughter of a New Orleans judge?  An Italian American woman who made it a point to state that her father was of "Northern Italian" descent and that it was Southern and Sicilian ones that were Mafia.

The sound on this particular video however, was so weak and bad I missed much of the discussion by these witnesses.

But, I wish I could have been there. Many interesting people and stories.

I even like St.John Hunt's music in the slide show presentation Doug Caddy just posted above.

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