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Trump and the JFK Assassination

Douglas Caddy

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“Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections” is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment that has been provided to the President and to recipients approved by the President.



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Just now, Paul Price said:

Trump is our legally elected president, get over it.

Millions of American patriots don't view Trump as legitimate given the corrupt practicies of Kris Kobach and other GOP officials disenfranchising miilions of minority voters, and James Comey's criminal intrusion in the election.

Get over it.




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On 12/12/2016 at 11:59 AM, Douglas Caddy said:

I decided to ask Howard, “Why was JFK assassinated?” After a short pause he responded,”Because he was about to give the Soviets our most vital secret.” This surprised and astounded me and I asked, “What was that?” He replied, “The Alien Presence” and then looked me in the eye, shook my hand, turned and walked away. It was the last time I saw Howard although we kept in contact until his death in 2007.

JFK was assassinated because he was building bridges for peace directly with Premier Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union and bypassing the State Department, CIA and the Defense Department. The Deep State was committed to continuing the Cold War at that time, reaping its immense financial rewards and preventing disclosure of “The Alien Presence.”

The Chilean Navy has released some very interesting video of a UFO observed near Santiago in 2014.





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On January 14, 2017, Whitley Stieber wrote on unknowncountry.com 

First, famed UFO journalist Leslie Kean offers insight into the extraordinary UFO video just released by the Chilean Navy and why the claim that it is a jet contrail cannot be true. Leslie can be reached on FaceBook, and be sure to make a visit to UFOData.net. If we ever want to advance UFO study into the mainstream, the UFOData approach is where to start!


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This unprecedented non-stop 24/7 media stream of crazy daily Trump revelations is the most disturbing thing many have ever seen with a president elect.

It's exaggerated political drama beyond anything most Americans could have imagined.  

A bizarre plot twist of a worked up, blustering, taunting WWF type character with possible nefarious background associations and who insecurely wants to fight everyone who criticizes him...who somehow gets placed into the highest level of our government.

The whole crazy show elicits nervous chuckling at times but more often than not it's making millions of people almost sick with an unsure apprehension to an almost ominous degree.

And all this is happening before this president elect...has even taken office!

Most presidents go through 4 and even 8 year terms of serving with less unsettling controversy than Trump has created...before he has even taken the oath of office!

God help us the next 4 years.  God Help us all.



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8 hours ago, David Andrews said:

Doug, with all respect, have you, or has someone you trust personally, had a UFO or alien experience?

Well, probably no one trusts me, but indeed I have:  In 1971 my VW bug was followed at close range by a small disk near Boulder Dam during daylight (twilight) hours.  A hard-nosed skeptic who was with me saw it as well, and we were both speechless until the encounter was over.  I will never forget him saying "Jesus Christ, did you see that too???  I thought I was seeing things!"  There was also a certain "psychic" aspect (commonly reported) that suggests this was not an encounter with some mundane earthly craft.  I do not claim the disk was necessarily a nuts-and-bolts alien craft, but it was whatever the UFO phenomenon is.

I've been intimately involved in the study of UFOs since I was eight years old (literally 8, because my father was fascinated as well and our home was right in the middle of flying saucer territory, meaning southern New Mexico and Arizona).  My knowledge of the UFO phenomenon exceeds my knowledge of the JFK assassination by a factor of at least 100, probably more.  I personally have spoken with many friends, coworkers and fellow lawyers who have zero interest in the UFO phenomenon but will gladly tell you about some utterly jaw-dropping experience they once had - and I am not talking about some "mysterious light" in the night sky.  There is no question as to the reality of the UFO phenomenon; the question is what that phenomenon is or what it represents.

That being said, I had literally never even heard of the Black Knight satellite.  This is extreme fringe stuff even within the UFO community.  Here is a somewhat more sober discussion from a site I visit regularly, which does not entirely dismiss the "mysterious satellite" claims:  http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2016/07/the-strange-sordid-history-of-the-black-knight-satellite/

Do I think JFK's assassination was related in any way, shape or form to UFOs or aliens?  Uh, no.  I actually knew Bill Cooper, who used to promote a tie-in.  He was seriously, dangerously demented (and eventually shot and killed by sheriff's deputies just a few miles from where I was living - although that too was of course a "conspiracy" to "silence" him).

I watched the Black Knight satellite video, which was indeed well-made.  Certainly, there are some real oddities associated with Ancient Egypt and pre-Egyptian civilizations.  There are so-called Out of Place Artifacts that are difficult to explain.  There are strong hints of UFOs in cave paintings and medieval art.  ("The Glorification of the Eucharist" by Ventura Salimbeni, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ventura_Salimbeni, heavily featured in the video, is indeed weird - but does anyone seriously think a 16th Century Italian painter somehow stumbled upon knowledge of the Black Knight satellite???)  The video was a clever pastiche of all of these things, together with the eschatological (end of the world) speculation that grips a large portion of the Christian community and even secular communities that plausibly fear the end is on the horizon.  Look at the comments to the video on YouTube - this sort of thing definitely speaks to large numbers of people.  (Of course, so does Scientology ...)

But I think it is a mistake to think that the UFO phenomenon represents an Alien Presence.  If there is such a thing as "mainstream ufology," the current best thinking would be that UFOs are not "alien" in anything like the sense that prevailed in the early days of flying saucer mania.  Yes, some encounters like mine strongly suggest "alien craft," but the phenomenon as a whole suggests something bigger and more mysterious than that.  I personally believe the UFO phenomenon is related to many other paranormal phenomena, some of which I have also experienced - i.e., they are all manifestations of the same source.  With all due respect to Mr. Caddy, I likewise think it is a mistake to drag the UFO phenomenon into the assassination discussion.  To me, the value of the Black Knight satellite video to the assassination community should be as a troubling demonstration as to how an intriguing, superficially plausible "conspiracy theory" can be pieced together from unrelated elements, each highly questionable in its own right.  And, of course, as with the Black Knight satellite video, such conspiracy theories always rely heavily on the evidence not being what it seems and the mainstream experts all being wrong.

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Lance: That you for your first person "UFO" credible account that took place with another person being present. I found it most interesting as I am certain other members did also.

You also state in your perceptive account that, "With all due respect to Mr. Caddy, I likewise think it is a mistake to drag the UFO phenomenon into the assassination discussion."

However, there are a number of postings about UFOs and the JFK assassination that have been made over the years by sundry forum members. These have always resulted in energetic discussion.

Here is one that was initiated in 2006 -- 11 years ago -- by Super Member Lee Forman. Bill Kelly, one of the trusted "learned elders" of the JFK assassination topic, even posted a photograph of an UFO over Dealey Plaza on the day of JFK's assassination. Here is the link:


'UFO' connections to the JFK Assassination



The Education Forum contains a treasure trove of valuable information compiled over the years. I am constantly being amazed on what I stumble on. The above is an example.


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For those who might be interested, this is Bill Cooper's presentation at the 1989 MUFON conference in Las Vegas, which I attended:  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mj12_1.htm  This was the first I had heard of a JFK connection.  The section on the JFK assassination begins:

Kennedy Assassination

At some point President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens.


He issued an ultimatum in 1963 to Majesty Twelve. President Kennedy assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem, he would.


He informed Majesty Twelve that he intended to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year, and ordered a plan developed to implement his decision, President Kennedy was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and knew nothing of Alternative 2 or Alternative 3. (Although some researchers claim JFK was a member of the CFR, I can find no legitimate list with his name upon it.)


Internationally, the operations were supervised by the Bilderberg elite committee known as the Policy Committee. In the United States they were supervised by the executive committee of the CFR and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization. President Kennedy's decision struck fear into the hearts of those in charge. His assassination was ordered by the Policy Committee and the order was carried out by agents in Dallas.


President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the Secret Service agent who drove his car in the motorcade and the act is plainly visible in the Zapruder film. WATCH THE DRIVER AND NOT KENNEDY WHEN YOU VIEW THE FILM.


Cooper was an interesting guy and by no means stupid.  His Behold a Pale Horse still sells.  I don't claim to have known him well.  1989 was a wild and crazy time in ufology - cattle mutilations, the Face on Mars, Budd Hopkins and the alien abduction phenomenon, etc. - but I do recall even back then being agog that anyone was talking Cooper (and his compadre, John Lear of the Lear jet family) seriously,

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