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Trump and the JFK Assassination

Douglas Caddy

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9 hours ago, David Andrews said:

Doug, with all respect, have you, or has someone you trust personally, had a UFO or alien experience?

About six years ago while waiting to use an outside ATM machine at a local bank on a Saturday, I looked up on clear and sunny morning and saw two perfect spheres chrome in color flying east to west over downtown Houston. One was trailing the other by several miles and I would estimate the altitude to be 5000 feet. They flew at moderate speed until out of sight. That has been my only experience.

Several people over the years have told me of their UFO experiences. One took place in West Texas as he drove on IS 10. He watched until it disappeared behind a butte. Another took place as he sat on his front porch with other family members on a farm in East Texas. He told me that UFO actually landed in a field on the farm and was clearly visible. Neither he nor any other family member ventured out for a closer inspection. After awhile the craft took off.



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Lance - I might be the only person here besides you who owns that book. I too did a lot of research into UFO phenomena, and like you found the author to be beyond the pale. I worked on UFO trading cards, but you won't find my name on the box because my ex wife wanted to finish the product herself, which she did. I am not a doubter that something real is happening, but I don't pretend to know what is happening. My inclination is that they are of this earth. I am reminded of the X-Files episode where Mulder and Scully are observing an abduction when suddenly another, far taller 'alien' appears and the two grays react in total surprise and are heard speaking English. Another episode finds Mulder in a far away jail cell, and in the adjoining cell a gray sits smoking a cigarette. 

Doig - with all due respect that video is way out there. Yes I watched the whole thing out of curiosity. I agree with David on this one.

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One night back around 1975 I was in the back seat of my brother's single-engine Cessna. My brother was flying the plane with his wife beside him.

I looked back behind the plane, and saw a light, sort of like a very bright star. No more than a second after I saw it, the light shot straight up and disappeared.

The weirdest thing about it was that something had given me the impulse to look back just in time to see it.

And that's my UFO experience.




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My best guess is that world governments are as puzzled by the UFO phenomenon as the rest of us.  They have no frame of reference for dealing with a phenomenon like this, and thus they focus their attention (to the extent they pay attention at all) on the "national security" aspects as though these were overflights by a foreign government.  The analogy I always make is:  If I am told the river next to my house is going to flood tomorrow, I can prepare.  If I am told an asteroid is going to wipe out half the earth, what can I do but have another beer and watch the ballgame?  To some extent, I think this is the position of most governments:  If UFOs are actually alien craft, there's nothing we can do about it anyway, so we may as well focus on the unemployment rate and Islamic jihadists.  (I just read UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JJ9JF7Q/ref=oh_aui_d_detailpage_o02_?ie=UTF8&psc=1, which is a serious study of the way governments in the U.S., France and other countries tried to get a handle on the phenomenon.) 

If I were to accept that the U.S. government knows UFOs are alien craft and has even entered into a treaty with some alien race (as has been speculated), I don't think the President would even be part of the picture.  The subject would be so far beyond the need to know of a 4- or 8-year-in-office politician that any inquiries (such as JFK supposedly made) or threats to "reveal the truth" (such as JFK was supposedly contemplating) would be no of concern at all.  The knowledge would be maintained within some tiny organization, probably military in nature, whose membership could be tightly controlled for 300 years if necessary.  The President would never be trusted with the knowledge.  The Director of the CIA would never be trusted with the knowledge.  The country would be allowed to function as though the President really were in control until it became absolutely necessary to reveal the truth to the President, the country and the world.  If this sounds like lunacy, bear in mind I'm not promoting it - I'm merely explaining why I don't think it's likely JFK's assassination was tied to UFOs.

Here are a few quickies from my personal experience:

  • When I worked for a golf club manufacturer, one of the engineers, who was as dull a human being as you can imagine, told about camping beside a lake when a silver disk appeared in full daylight above the lake, sucked up a 100-foot column of water, and vanished,
  • A folksy redneck secretary in the county attorney's office, about 60 years of age, told about driving on a rural highway with her husband one night when an exceptionally bright "star" they had been watching instantly zoomed to a position right above their car.  They rolled down the windows, looked out and saw the bottom of a huge disk, pulsating with a rainbow of plasma-like colors.  It then zoomed silently away.
  • A fellow in-house attorney with a Fortune 100 corporation, a Black woman of about 35, told of a disk appearing above the playground of her elementary school in New Jersey, bathing the children (including her) in the spider-web-like phenomenon known as "angel hair," and zooming silently away.

I find that if you introduce the UFO topic respectfully in any group of five people - friends, relatives, coworkers, even fellow attorneys in my case - at least one of them will report an absolutely mind-blowing experience that you would never have expected to hear from the mouth of that individual.  This, then, will be your opportunity to say, "OK, now let me tell you about Harvey & Lee ...."

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When I posted the video above about the "Black Knight" satellite, I should have included the following summary from Coasttocoastam of January 14, 2017, on which the write and filmmaker was interviewed:

Writer & filmmaker Damon T. Berry joined Jimmy Church (email) to reveal what he thinks are clues about ancient technology and the cycles of destruction that Earth has endured for millennia. He says that this technology is somehow related to the enigmatic "Black Knight" satellite. Jimmy opened the program quoting a news report that the Great Pyramid was recently reassessed as having no connection to the pharaoh Cheops and that is now a mystery who built it, or why. While visiting Egypt a few years ago, Berry had a strange experience when he touched the Sphynx his "eyesight and everything went black" and he fell to the ground. After recovering, Berry said he could "see and hear things" in hieroglyphics and other religious texts, which he believes are multidimensional in nature.

Berry says he has noticed a pattern in the archaeological record that indicates ancient man had more knowledge than is generally agreed by historians and archaeologists. In the period from 13,000 to 10,000 BCE, Berry has noticed that many apparently advanced civilizations flourished and disappeared. He pointed to information that indicates the Easter Island Moai statues, neolithic cave paintings, and the mysterious city of Göbekli Tepe were all contemporary to each other in this period. Berry believes that information was encoded into these places and their artifacts to give us clues on how to survive a global catastrophe by using ancient ideas and technology. He said that "every 5-10,000 years, civilization is wiped off the face of the Earth" and coded messages were left in many places in order to help us.

There are clues, Berry believes, that point to a stargate or other type of dimensional or interstellar travel device that is still hidden in a pyramid or covered in many tons of earth or snow. If we can find this gateway, we can possibly escape an extinction which Barry says corresponds to the Mayan cycle of 5124 years. He also thinks that humanity needs to work together using the clues left behind by vanished civilizations, and that some of these clues are present in artworks throughout the ages. An Italian fresco painting from the year 1600 shows what Berry and others believe to be a "Sputnik" type satellite placed between images of God and Jesus. He thinks that this was due to the artist "going with his conscience" to provide future generations with information that space technology is nothing new, rather than using the painting as a simple depiction of religious themes. (See images.)

Berry thinks that the enigmatic Black Knight satellite which supposedly stations itself in a polar orbit from time to time around the Earth communicates with some object, machine, or facility that is stationed in one of the polar regions. It has existed for over 60,000 years, Berry says, and is depicted in ancient cave paintings and drawings, as well as hinted at in depictions of Mayan kings with what looks like bluetooth headsets in their ears and other religious depictions of humans with elongated ears and apparent devices. Berry concluded by emphasizing that what is needed now are "star ships," meaning spacecraft that can withstand the heat of stars in order to use them as gateways to the rest of the universe.


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Personal UFO experiences?

I promise I'll jump back into the JFK debate and discussion after this post.


Had a brother in the Air Force in 1960 to 1964 era.

In 1960, I believe, he was an AP and on night guard duty at a base in Morocco. He and his fellow security detail noticed "red circular" objects hovering above the base this one evening.

They called in to report this to their superiors and after a long delay were finally told ... "We have nothing on radar...therefore you see nothing. And don't write home about this."

To this day ( 56 years later )  his recollection and recounting of this incident has never wavered or changed.


Maybe 11 years ago, my son and I were driving North to Santa Cruz, California on the Coast Highway # 1.

Late spring, sunny, late morning, blue sky everywhere, no clouds.

Suddenly, out of the corner of our eye, we both saw a "metallic object" zip over us at a somewhat low altitude.

Maybe 1,000 feet?

It was so fast we almost didn't see it.

It was so brightly reflective it was like highly polished aluminum.

It was the extremely bright reflection that caught our eye. Almost as bright as someone flashing a reflection of sunlight off of a mirror.

Only noticed it for a second, but we both described the same thing.


Watched a bright orange "ball?" or Chinese Lantern shaped object come in from out over the Bay one semi-early March evening 3 years back.

It was dark about 8:30 PM to 9:PM.

Very cold evening. Alaskan air current blasting in to our coastal Northern California town.

I have been out at night next to our shoreline thousands of times here over my 65 years. Loved the cool fresh ocean air and observing the lights of other cities across the Bay

We have an airport and I know "exactly " what incoming and outgoing  aircraft look like and sound like at night as well as day. Again,  I've seen these aircraft coming and going thousands of times.

This bright orange ball came in from off the Bay ( Monterey Bay ) from a direction I had never seen before. It came toward me in a straight line ( but not toward me on purpose I believe ) and in no way at any angle toward our municipal airport. It was going rather slowly as it took a few minutes to arrive over my head. When it did it seemed to slow even more.  It was between 600 and 1,000 feet above me. No sound at all. Size appeared to be that of a full size pick up truck or mini-camper van?

I had no cell phone, no camera. So no pics.

I actually became alarmed somewhat as this object passed above me at such a low and close altitude with no sound.

It passed over me. However, again, at no point when it passed over and away did I hear any noise at all.

Any airplane or helicopter would have had some engine noise ( which sometimes you can't hear until after these aircraft pass you.) The object continued Southward and was only a few hundred feet above our highest forested hills which are 600 feet at their height.

I posted about this on our local Craigslist. Only one person responded. He didn't identify himself and had a generic screen name. He stated to me that what I saw was "aerial advertising!"  HA!

I got back and told him his humor was okay with me, but if this was night time aerial advertising, I'd like to know who got suckered into paying for it. At the freezing temperatures of that night, hardly anyone was outdoors.  I asked what this fellow did for a living. He stated that he had something to do with our Navy Post Graduate School.  The whole thing was strange..but who do you tell these stories to?


Lastly, I have a strange "paranormal?" tale that may or may not be UFO related, but it's a real " X Files" one and absolutely true

Late summer in I think 1997?

We ( family of four ) were living in a fairly large home in a North/Central California Coastal area called "Pebble Beach."

If any of you have ever been to this community ( location of the famous Pebble Beach Golf course)  you will know it is one of high end homes nestled among an extremely dense and native pine forest.

The land development is owned by the "Pebble Beach Company" and Clint Eastwood is one of the owners.

Our home was in an area where there was just open forest all around ( could not even see any other homes) except for 100 feet behind ours and even this was blocked by more trees. Never met a neighbor there in 4 to 5 years!

Pebble Beach has no street lights or even sidewalks. It's like you are living in a cabin in the deep woods. It is so dark at night you almost can't see anything except when there is a full moon.

It was a Friday night. You could kind of hear our local high school football game going on a mile and a half away up until about 10:PM.

All of us slept upstairs where there was the main hallway with a bank of windows facing the deep woods across the street.

My son ( 12 or 13 years old? ) and daughter (10 or 11 ) slept in their individual bedrooms at the end of this hallway, with my wife in her opposite end one and myself in another between all three.

I kept my door open to the hallway and it's windows. Never any outside light into them...but my wife always closed her door at night.

At about 2: AM this evening I was abruptly awakened.

I was half asleep and thought I was dreaming. As I became more awake I noticed my room was filled with the brightest light I have ever seen.

I had to hold my hand over my eyes and could only see between my fingers. It was still hard to see.

This light was coming in from an upper angle above but slightly away from our house on the open woods side and again, illuminated the entire house especially through our upstairs hallway windows facing it.

As the light stayed on our house and so brightly in my open door room for a good minute or two, I just sat there dumbfounded.

Soon, I began to contemplate what this super white/blue light might be from. I thought that maybe there were several emergency and/or police vehicles outside shining every brightest light they had on our house. Or maybe even one of those huge sized "Hollywood Premier" lanterns? But after 20 seconds or so of this thought, I realised there was absolutely no sound anywhere near our home. Nothing.

And if anyone would ask "why didn't you get up and walk to your door and look out at this light? " I will tell you honestly that I felt frozen...in fear to a degree. I didn't want to look at the source of this blinding 2:AM light bathing our home. Kind of cowardly, I admit.

The light was like that of a welders torch. A whitish /yet blue tint one. No warm yellow in it like sun, bulb or car lights. It was a cold light.

However, this light never sparked, flickered or wavered like a welders torch.  It was totally steady.

Finally after 2 to 3 minutes of this strange phenomena, I heard my wife getting up and exclaiming loudly at the same time" What is that light?"

The light was so bright it had awakened her ... even through the cracks of her closed door!

As soon as I heard my wife's door handle turning, the light inexplicably blinked off. And when the light blinked off, so did all of our electricity.

Clock radios, refrigerator, etc.

My wife came to my room and noticing I was awake myself and shaking under the covers, she said, don't be such a coward, get up!

We both went back to her room and with a flashlight, began to try to understand what just happened. She said the light was so bright it woke her up.

I was appreciative that this wasn't all some bad dream resulting from my own inner turmoil, and that what I had seen was real.

Our phone worked so we called the 24 hour security gate maybe 3/4ths of a mile away and asked if their power was out. "No" they said. I asked if their power had blinked or wavered in the last 10 to 15 minutes and again they said "no." And there were no reports from anyone else about any problems with their electricity either.

My wife and I then walked down our upstairs hallway to check on our kids. They were fine...but I remembered our son was turned away from us standing at his room's entrance.

This detail may be significant later in the story.

We went back to my wife's bedroom and in another 5 or 10 minutes or so, all our electricity just instantly came back on!

After awhile however and being exhausted from this late night strangeness we just went back to bed.

Now, here is an even more bizarre part of this story.

The next morning my wife and I arose at our usual early time. It was a Saturday so she was off from her weekday work.

She was frying eggs and making breakfast and I was reading our local paper when we heard our son walking down the stairs to our living room and kitchen area. We didn't look up but he stopped near the bottom of the stairs and then spontaneously remarked " Wow, I had the worst nosebleed of my life last night."

My wife and I turned toward our son and to our great shock, my son's lower face ( from his nose down ) and t-shirt were indeed covered in dried blood!

We jumped up and concernedly examined him and then walked quickly back up to his room. His pillow was covered in dried blood.

Now, when we checked on our son around 2:15 am hours earlier, there was no blood anywhere on his pillow or him although he was turned away so we couldn't see his face.

I then reminded my son that this wasn't the worst nosebleed of his life. Because he had never had one before this.

We cleaned our son and his bedding up but we just didn't know what to make of any of this so we really didn't discuss this incident very much back then and even up until now.

 Although to this day my wife will confirm it's reality and detail.

I did ask my brother ( who worked for Pacific Gas & Electric company for decades ) about whether an "arc" on the electric power lines above our house in the same direction of the super bright light could have been the source.

He stated that indeed "arcs" on the highest and very high voltage lines could produce a similarly bright "blue/white" welder's torch type light. And that squirrels or birds or perhaps something metallic touching these could trigger such a light. But, this "arc" light would never last 3 minutes and remain steady. It would flicker. And he said that if this was a squirrel or other animal triggering this "arcing" that the animal would be fried so quickly it would just burn up and or fall to the ground in a very short time.

Well, for those of you who like to listen to Coast To Coast call-in stories of the paranormal, I am sure you will find this true story somewhat intriguing.  But, what was it?

Who knows.

Was my son abducted by aliens in a UFO and later bleeding from a nasal entrance brain in-plant? I sure don't know.

He is in his thirties now and seems quite well grounded. 

I'll erase this post if it upsets our researchers as frivolous and leading us astray of the JFK truth...which I am committed to with all my soul.







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5 hours ago, Joe Bauer said:

Who knows.

Was my son abducted by aliens in a UFO and later bleeding from a nasal entrance brain in-plant? I sure don't know.

He is in his thirties now and seems much more grounded than me ( frankly he thinks I am a kook ) although he soon developed an interest in Hindi religion and music within a year or so after this incident. And he sure didn't get this inclination from his basic Christian/Motown/Beatles loving parents.

I'll erase this post if it upsets our researchers as frivolous and leading us astray of the JFK truth...which I am committed to with all my soul.

20-25 years ago, your experience would have been chalked up to a "no question about it" alien abduction.  The remote location, the light, the nosebleed (one of the classic symptoms) - bingo, alien abduction.  Budd Hopkins would have hypnotized you, your son and your wife.  You and your wife would have recalled being paralyzed while your son was floated out of the house (although you do not consciously recall this), while your son would have recalled being examined by grays.  As you probably know, however, the methodology of researchers like Budd Hopkins (now dead, but a successful artist) and David Jacobs (a history professor at Temple University) has been largely discredited and the "alien abduction" phenomenon has largely collapsed in the sense of being of interest to ufologists.  Part of the reason also has to do with the same thing that has happened with Near Death Experiences - they just keep getting more and more elaborate, and everyone and his cousin now has a book to write regardless of whether he was medically anywhere near death.  And yet, the alien abduction phenomenon is an undeniable worldwide phenomenon with many genuinely puzzling aspects, regardless of whether it has anything to do with extraterrestrials.  Your description fits the phenomenon so well that I would think it probably was an "alien abduction" - the question being, what the heck is an "alien abduction"?  As your experience shows, it cannot have an entirely psychological explanation.

One of the oddities of my life is that I have found myself living right in the middle of several classic UFO cases without directly being part of them.  In 1975 I was living on a remote ranch near Heber, Arizona, less three miles from where Travis Walton was "abducted," and my father-in-law was a small part of the story.  (One website had my father-in-law, an old cowpoke, being the abductee - I had to correct them!)  In the early 1980s I was living right in the middle of the Hudson Valley UFO flap, 2500 miles away from Heber.  And there have been other startling UFO-related "coincidences."  It kind of makes me wonder what I would describe if hypnotized by Hopkins or Jacobs.  (A small sidelight:  The Arizona Department of Public Safety officer living in Heber, who was a friend of our family,  went out to the Walton site in the woods the next morning.  He could not restart his car and had to call for assistance.  As he said, it was the only time that had ever happened in his entire DPS career.)

Actually, I have a feeling this discussion is not as far removed from the JFK assassination as many might think, but I'll stop now.

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From the article: But if Russia’s role in the 2016 election is basically undisputed, we’re still left with a separate, more troubling question for which there isn’t yet a clear answer: Could Donald Trump actually be a Russian intel asset?....

Whether the material Russian intelligence might have on Trump is the kompromat Steele describes in his dossier, it’s a good bet Russian intelligence has something.


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I would tend to agree. I like Ron Reagan's characterization of Trump's inability (this goes for Rex Tillerson as well) to say anything bad about Putin as a 'tell'. 

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Here is the full Trump speech at the CIA headquarters in Langley yesterday. It was a combination of political drivel and sheer insanity and was only outdone by the riotous clapping of approval by the CIA personnel who were present. It is time worthwhile spent viewing the full speech. The CIA is known for having staff psychiatrists who analyze the personalities and minds of the world's leaders. One must wonder what these psychiatrists concluded about President Trump. I feel certain their conclusions coincided with that of their counterparts in the Russian, Chinese and other countries' intelligence agencies.





“CNN’s decision to not air the press conference live illustrates a recognition that the role of the press must be different under Trump. When the White House holds press briefings to promote demonstrably false information and refuses to take questions, then press ‘access’ becomes meaningless at best and complicit at worst. Democracy works best when journalists have access to the executive branch, of course. But that holds true if and only if that access leads to verifiable, accurate information. The decision on behalf of CNN to wait and verify before airing it live suggests that the media are adapting quickly to this new era.”

--- Danna Young Professor of Politics and the Media at the University of Delaware



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You have to wonder who was in that crowd. How could any serious person cheer when he starts bragging during such a serious event and in these dangerous times?

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8 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

You have to wonder who was in that crowd. How could any serious person cheer when he starts bragging during such a serious event and in these dangerous times?

I saw a lot of sweaty heads. The adulation recalled, for me, Saddam Hussein's purge of Parliament video.

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