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How are attachments deleted to free up space?

Sandy Larsen

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Sandy you should be able to edit previous posts and delete the attachment there.

The problem of using the EF's attachment resource is that it is very limited. Most members who want to posts significant numbers of images etc. use a third party to store them. I use "Photobucket". All you then  do is post the link from your storage provider. This way the size of your image is not calculated in your post - as it is if you upload your image directly to the EF.

I pay for my "Photobucket" account because I need the size of space for other needs. However if you do not anticipate uploading thousands of images - and/or videos - then Photobucket's free account might be sufficient for your needs. There are many other alternatives to Photobucket all of which have similar provisions.

The advantage of this method is that you dod not need to delete previous images to provide room for new images. Also by deleting your image it is removed from your post and it may make your posts difficult to understand.


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Thanks James.

I do happen to use Photobucket for my more important photos. But sometimes I want to throw up something fast to make a quick point, After which I don't care if the photo disappears. That's where forum attachments come in handy.

Anyway I followed your suggestion and it did indeed work!

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Click on your account name in the top right hand corner, then in the drop down click on "my attachments"


Something has changed ?

In this section on the Ed Forum previously the attachments could be Edited and Deleted.

Now the Attachment area appears to be read only.

there is no edit function.

Edited by Robin Unger
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