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Gerald Posner vs Roger Stone in Coral Gables

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Regarding the "wound on the forehead" I'm assuming you mean the black hole seen here:


Do either of you know what that black hole actually is? I don't remember in the autopsy report something ever being mentioned about it or if so, I've just never seen it?

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If you are talking about that black hole on the left side of the forehead, yes I think that is it.

But Don had a photo from a different angle in which it was a little more visible.  He might have done something with the pic.

But he led off his presentation by showing that picture, and he then pointed to that spot and asked, "What is that?"

He left it up there for a few seconds, and I had to admit, it sure as heck did resemble an entry wound in the hairline.

And, as I said, it matches up pretty well with the testimony of Robinson to the ARRB.

BTW, I have to add, I could not believe how outdated Posner was in this debate about the medical evidence.  He was actually acting like it was a point of strength for his side.  When in fact, nothing could be further from the truth today.  With all the info the ARRB declassified on this issue, plus the inquiry made by Jeremy Gunn, I mean, Posner did not have a clue.  And like I wrote, if that would have been me, or Gary Aguilar, or about twenty other other people, Posner would have been harpooned. But I don't think Roger is up to speed on this stuff.  I takes quite awhile to subsume it all since it is very voluminous and complex.  When I wrote my chapter for Reclaiming Parkland, I asked for a reading list from Dave Mantik and Mili Cranor.

Stone's pal Arlen Specter did a good job covering it all up. I mean when you don't even ask the autopsy doctors why the back wound was not dissected, then I think we realize Arlen had an agenda from the get go.  We know what happened when Garrison asked Pierre Finck that question at the trial of Clay Shaw.  Two things: it was phase two of the medical cover up.  (Phase one was the Fisher Panel raising the rear skull wound, making particle trails disappear  and lowering the back wound.) Second, Washington went crazy since they were monitoring the Shaw trial in real time.  The Justice Department threw up their hands and said, "Pierre is screwing everything up!"  And they sent Boswell down to discredit him, as tutored by Harry Connick. 

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Jim, thanks that's what I'm talking about.  If the shot hit him there, then this GIF I made a while back sure lines up as the exit area for that shot:


...and then Kilduff pointed to the forehead during the death announcement.  I have a feeling someone saw that shot hit up close - maybe the Newmans?  I know we'll never know for sure 100% but wow...

Also, I just happened to come across an execution video and the guy takes a rifle shot right between the eyes and it leaves a clean small hole right where it went in. He was tied to a tree so when the shot hits, his head falls forward you can see a larger hole in the back of his head.  There is no gaping wound like JFK because the execution guy was only hit once but I think as witnesses described hearing the boom-boom, I think Kennedy was hit almost simultaneously in the head - I think the rear head shot blew open his head and then 1/2 second later, the forehead shot and the exit you see above.  Then of course this second one throws him back hard against the seat.

Sorry to sound graphic here and I know this is all nothing new, but it sure sounds plausible, at least to me.

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Incredibly informative, coherent and enlightening critique of the Coral Gables debate and it's two participants.

DiEugenio and his essays are so well researched, documented and presented ( enhanced even more with his sharp wit humor - ala J. Garrison in his "On The Trail Of The Assassins" )  they are some of my absolute favorite JFK assassination event and cover-up story readings.

I wish J. D. could have been a third participant on that stage. Now THAT would have been something much more worthy.

I watched the debate.  Seemed to me also that Stone lost an opportunity to dismantle Posner due to a lack of Posner credibility issues background info preparedness.  

Totally agree with DiEugenio's take on Posner,  He even "looks" like a plagiarizing, weak character weasel.

Stone?  An enigma that baffles me in a somewhat uneasy gut feeling way.

I do disagree about LBJ's involvement with the JFK coup. Nothing this big and benefiting to LBJ could have been done without his foreknowledge in my opinion.

And I simply believe Madeline Brown's " After tomorrow those Irish Mafia " LBJ quote tale.



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Jim, in response to your question about the GIF, I took the so-called mystery photo from the autopsy and combined it with another back of the head autopsy photo.  As you probably know, Pat Speer wrote an extensive article on his website about the mystery photo.  Some say it shows the front of the skull where the hole is, and some say it shows the back.  Based on his writings and my own observations, I think that hole is one of exit on the back of his skull.  I think, too, that the photo showing that black circle seen above is the entrance wound from that same shot.

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JIm D.


Sorry, but the article you linked me to does not change my view that LBJ was privy to the assassination before it happened.

The whole article feels "dirty" to me. Like something Posner himself would have written.

Dismissing out-of-hand people like Barr McClellan with negative image one word labels.

And I always have a gut feeling about those who try to dismiss Madeline Brown and May Newman and other "little people" witnesses..

These critics go on and on about discrepancies in their stories. Some so minor and subjective that they seem to be used only to paint these types of witnesses as less honest or mentally sharp than the average person. The effort to find and write about these discrepancies ( which could just as logically be explained as innocent versus contrived )  buzz my "other agenda" suspicion antenna.

May Newman and Madeline Brown are clearly not sophisticated liars. Their tales ring truer to me than not because of this ... well... innocence if you will.

And they are not bad character people...so unlike the main characters in the JFK story like LBJ, Hoover, Dulles, Nixon, etc.  Now THERE are some bad and ruthless and lying people. I'll believe people like Brown and Newman much more than those who defend these super corrupted politicians.

And I do not say LBJ "Masterminded" the JFK murder.  Only that he had foreknowledge of it. I believe that the heads of our military had to know of and approve of a coup like this. The planning and implementing of an operation like this and it's massive cover-up, took someone with more power than simply LBJ and Cord Meyer alone.

Albert Thomas's sick , smiling almost celebratory "wink" to LBJ right after he was sworn in on Air Force one kind of sums up my feelings about the whole affair.

" WE WON!"


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M. Brown claiming two different fathers for her son is not a minor point.

Getting the wrong location for the so called assassination party is not a minor point and neither is having people there who very likely  could not have been there a minor point.

FInally, if you take Barr McClellan's book seriously you disagree even with people who were in the LBJ school.  Neither Walt Brown nor the alt Jay Harrison could stomach it.

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