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Nigel Hamilton's book: "JFK - Reckless Youth"

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Nigel Hamilton: JFK – Reckless Youth



Will Ruha wrote on Facebook today:

Note that [Nigel] Hamilton ingratiated himself to JFK aide and Library head, Dave Powers via a spate of lies and misrepresentations, and after being given carte blanche acces to all archived information, did precisely what he promised not to do: write a one-sided, negative, character-assassination screed against John F. Kennedy, adding fuel to the fire CIA scribes lit in the agency's campaign of "posthmous assassination" intended to so diminish the late president as to relegate him to the dustbin of history, and hence inhibit any further inquiry into his assassination. Powers told me straight up in no euphemistic terms, what he thoght of Nigel Hamilton and his attack piece. Hamilton had promised to produce a second-volume, which never materialized. Hamilton claims he decided against it after finding so much negative information on JFK. Hah! After his first volume character assassination of JFK, he was persona non grata among Powers, JFK Library staff and all other key Kennedy personnel necessary to author an important and factual work.

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