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One of the features of this forum dating back to its very origin is the requirement that members conduct their conversations in a courteous manner. 

Generally speaking that has been the overwhelming norm on this forum. 

That said some threads have been more lively of late and this expected standard has - on occasions - dropped.

It is not acceptable that when discussions become heated - as discussions are on the Oswald has left the TSBD thread - to resort to insulting members. 

We - members of the admin - ask members to abide the established code of discussion. 

Those who continue to transgress will be rewarded with an extended holiday from posting on the forum. However it is hoped that will not be required to be implemented.


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I do totally agree with that. What has always surprised me is that it seems impossible for the "two sides" to listen to each other and try to combine evidence / ideas from both sides to find the truth. As a mathematician I am used to proof things with facts; not with ideas or meanings. When reading books about the Kennedy assassinations i always wonder why there are so few books who discuss both sides. Personally I really like the books by Michael Kurtz and by Flip de Mey. Because they both present a lot of information from both sides. In my opinion it would be so useful when all people on this forum would have the same approach. 

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