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Here are a couple of templates I have set up to help myself try to get a handle on the extreme difference in perspective from two of the most debated photos.  I was wanting comment from some of the more experienced photo analysts/researchers as to whether this is accurate.  Hopefully some of your comments will help others like me to understand how someone we think should be in a photo, may not be, not because of editing/fakery, but because of the difference in the photographers position (POV).



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I don't think everyone agrees but if there is a consensus then they would say that in Altgens(A) and Weigman(W) you have Shelley marked as "Williams", Molina is correct in A but you have him marked as Shelley in W,  you missed the real Williams in A who is at the 5 O'clock position from Molina looking toward where Wiegman is with his arm up obscuring his face then in W you have him marked as Molina. If Stanton and Sanders have to be there too then I suppose those figures you point to in W would have to be correct and everyone else seems about right.

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