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Brennan's lineup

Steve Thomas

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33 minutes ago, Alistair Briggs said:

I disagree that the difference in look is because they were done on a different typewriter. To me it looks like CD 81 p. 460 is just a very very poor 'photo-copy' of CE 2003 p. 268, I base that thinking on how the I 138 A at the bottom of each page looks.

If that is correct, and CD 81 is a copy of CE 2003 then CE 2003 must have come first... does that make sense though? In fact,

From looking at those 3 documents, it seems that CE 2003 is the best version and that Warren Report Appendix XI is a photo copy of it and that CD 81 is a photo copy of that. Look at the I 138 A at the bottom of each page, it's the same but deteriorates as each one is copied from the previous one...

Comparing 'DPD Archives, Box 15, Folder# 1, Item# 111 pp. 9' to 'CE 2003 p. 268' it can be noted that the 138 A at the bottom of the page is totally different and was written by two different people...

Ok I get that...

... considering the difference of the 138 A hand written at the bottom, perhaps this is what happened,

When the DPD were asked to send on the archives to the Attorney General's Office, and then on to the WC, they made a copy and kept one set and sent the other on. At that point, on the relevant pieces mentioned herein, there was no additional hand written parts on either copy. At some point after (either at the AGO or the WC) the I 138 A was handwritten on the bottom of their version and someone else, at some point later added the 138 A to the copy left at the DPD archives (for reasons of clarity/reference?) 





Essentially, I agree with you, although it's hard for me to understand how CE 2003 could have been put together before Carr sent the DPD Case Files to the WC in January.


On the pages of this version,(of Fritz's Interrogation summary in CD 81) as well as the version in Appendix XI of the WR, a notation has been added to the bottom of each indicating the page references in the Dallas Police Department's Case File. For example, on the bottom of page 8 (of Fritz's Interrogation summary in CD 81) it reads, “I 137D”. On the bottom of Page 8 in Box 15 of the DPD Archives, it just reads, “137-D”. The pages in Box 1 do not have these notations, indicating to me that the draft in Box 1 was done before the Case File was put together. The Case File was arranged alphabetically, and Interviews and Interrogations were put in the “I” chapter. Affidavits were put in the “A” Chapter, Case Reports were filed in the “C” Chapter, etc.

Just scroll down and click through the Index tabs in Box 6.

As to who added the I, in front of the page numbers in CE 2003 and CD 81, I don't know.


Steve Thomas

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11 minutes ago, Steve Thomas said:

As to who added the I, in front of the page numbers in CE 2003 and CD 81, I don't know.


I'm not sure if the I was added in front of the page numbers on that, that is to say I don't think the page numbers were there already and the I was then added to it. It seems that whoever wrote it wrote the whole I 138 A at the same time...

The one in the DPD archive that doesn't have the I in front of the 138 A, well, the 138 A is written in a total different handwriting from the CE 2003 version.

Hope that makes sense?


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9 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Davey did say that he was going to check on CE 399 and show that Todd's initials are on it.

Citation/link please.

I have "checked" the NARA color photos that are online at the Mary Ferrell site to see if I could find Todd's initials [see link below]. But I have never once said I was planning to travel to Washington to look at the bullet. So please stop saying I did say that.


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2 hours ago, Bart Kamp said:


Forest Sorrels

He refused to ID Oswald


RG 233, BOX 290-JFK Task Force, Numbered Files-228



If you go through the DPD Archives Index under lineups, you will find Brennan only listed once - in Box 6, Folder# 1, Item# 73 page 3.



When Brennan failed to identify Oswald, I think the DPD made an effort to expunge him from the record. They were forced to put him back in when Sorrels testified before the WC. This record is totally out of sequence with every lineup record in the books. Brennan and Sorrels were added after the fact.

Steve Thomas


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I know Steve, it is the only written record of it. It just shows what a shambles this line-up was. How Fritz reacts when asked by the WC, pretending to be dumb, just like when Alfred Hodge arrives at DPD late on the 22nd and is in the elevator with Ruby (who cracks a joke) and Lt. Baker and possibly Beck (not sure) or Senckel and Fritz pretends not to know who was w Hodge in that elevator.

"Oh I'll have to look that up....." Which of course never happens.

It may well be possible that they were added later,  but the "Failed to identify" doesn't rhyme w his WC testimony. Where he all of the sudden HAS id-ed him.....


Bottom line is Brennan would not ID him and all the fables of "Brennan being recognised and needing protection" or "you have him already" are all after thoughts by Brennan and the DPD involved and then this charade is put on display in front of the WC



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