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Five missing frames and the SBT

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From ¨Hear No Evil¨:

LIFE provided a copy of the film and a set of slides  which appear in v. 18 of the Warren Commission Hearings on pages 1-80. For unexplained reasons, this set begins with frame 173 and ends with frame 334. LIFE did not provide the frames before 173 and the commission did not print frames 335-343 which they did receive. Frames 208-212 were not provided by LIFE. These were allegedly destroyed by accident by a LIFE technician. pg 218

A panel working for the Warren Commission studied the film and concluded that JFK ... ¨raised his arms with his elbow held artificially high and shook his head ¨... between frames 194-207. pg 200 Hear No Evil

Using jiggle analysis, Alvarez says there was a shot at frame 182, Hartmann said frame 191 and Scott said frame 193. Hear No Evil pg 208.

I believe JFK was shot in the throat , the second shot, probably at frame 191 and began to move his hands to his throat by frame 207. 

I believe frames 208-212 were eliminated by the CIA since they show JFK with his hands to his throat before the freeway sign.

The CIA spliced frame 207 to the backside of the freeway sign. They spliced the frame, showing JFK cluching his throat, to the front side of the freeway sign. They then splced this frame to the frame showing Connally looking left. By eliminating 5 frames and splicing several frames they were able to sell the SBT.

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OMG not the Ashton Gray thread! That, too, is so outrageous, so ridiculous. Gray wrote this silly theory but when I called him out on it, he denied it was his! Start ass end backwards and you'll see. And it's so, so outrageous. Watch the Zapruder film - it tells you everything you need to know about what happened. But if you don't watch it with eyes wide open, you'll fall for goofy outrageous xxxx like Gray's and the 67% Solution.

Gray fancies himself as a Bohemia writer - just look at the fu manchu and "cool" floppy hat.  He's neither.

Edited by Michael Walton
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Understood Michael. His theory resonated with me because I just can't see how anyone could get a shot off from the front, into JFK's neck. I never had an answer for that unless everyone on the overpass was a conspirator, and none were caught.  I have always thought that the Zapruder film was correct but there is so much doubt that I don't know what to think of the film.

Cheers, Mike


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I know.  But if you believe that he took a shot in the temple and it came out the back of his head, and his rear head shot happened almost at the exact split second, then there is also a way for him to taken a frontal throat shot.  Watch the film - as soon as he reaches to his throat, watch how the force of the back shot hitting him lurches him and his head forward.

Of course the government came up with all kinds of crazy xxxx to cover it up, like the single bullet theory and the jet effect for the "back and to the left" movement.  I already debunked that one with this movie:



Then you have the beveled outshoot in the back of the head:


You have to tell yourself - what the government claimed LHO did was not possible nor plausible.  Connally himself said to the day he died he did NOT get hit by the same "throat" shot as Kennedy which destroys the SBT.

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My take is constantly changing. I don't believe the SBT. I think Jim Tagues injury proves a Dal Tex shooter, it lines-up well. Very little interest is paid to the Dal Tex shooter and the building itself. Ashton Gray eliminates a throat shot which, like I said, resolves the problem I had with the overpass shooter, a neck shot would have passed straight through. Regardless of the ejecta from the front of JFKs head (front right) I can still accept a grassy knoll-stockade fence shot to JFK's head. I also see both JFK and Conally react simultaneously as soon as they come out from behind this sign, but that could still be two shots.

thats kind of where I am at. I don't really accept a neck wound in Dealy plaza so I have to accept a lying Doctor and Nurse who claim to have seen it; then they did the tracheotomy.

I never talk about this much because it seems irresolvable to me, but all the people at Parkland see a massive rear head wound that I just don't see on Zapruder. All I see in Zapruder is front right head damage. Others, here, YouTube etc. seem to say that they see a rear head blow out that I don't see.

Edited by Michael Clark
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I think the right temple shot just fragmented, with no exit. Or as James Files claimed, a Mercury round that imparted tremendous force and dissipated. Or, as Oliver Stone-Jim Garrison claimed, a sabot round that was small but very high speed caused the explosive force.

I am a hunter and am very impressed with what sabot rounds can do, both in power and accuracy, in both my muzzleloader and my rifled 12 gauge.

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I just looked into the density of some metals, and I am very surprised at how dense mercury is.

Mercury: 13.69 per cubic cm

lead:        11.34 "

Coppeer:  8.96 "

iron:          7.87 "

James Files claim of the use of a mercury round in the JFK head shot makes a lot of sense, even if his claim to being the shooter is bogus. His claim to have made mercury rounds seemed suspect to me because it would seem that one would want a carefully engineered round for such an operation. You would want a mercury round designed to have a jacket with minimal materials, such that it would deliver the round to the target, yet be obliterated on impact. 

To be sure, I am not supporting the story of James Files. He could, however, have specific knowledge, from who knows who, as to where the grassy knoll shooter was situated, and what kind of round was used.

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Michael C

There is evidence/fact that points to a throat shot on Kennedy.

1. Acoustics analysis by BBN shows a shot immediately before the limo reaches the sign.

2.Jiggle analysis by Alvarez, Hartmann and Scott discovered a shot at approximately frame 192, before the limo reached the sign.

3. Medical personnel at Parkland say they saw a small hole in JFK´s throat which they called an entrance wound before the trachotomy.

4. Willis says he snapped a photo of JFK in response to a shot at frame 202. 

5. Jfk´s reaction between frames 190-207 indicates he was hit.

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George, I know that the Tague injury is often considered a ricochet, but if all things are open to speculation and analysis, given how many things are deemed altered or tampered with, I find it dufficult to let go of the idea that the bullet that hit the curb and injured Teague was actually a direct miss. I'll speculate that the curb bullet had too much residual energy to chip the curb, as it did, if it was a ricochet. If it was a Dal Tex bullet, it need not have been a ricochet to have hit where it did. If it was I ricochet, it would be remarkably unlikely to have, by chance, maintained an elevation that remained consistent with that of a bullet coming from the Dal Tex building and passing through JFK's approximate location. I don't know if that is clear, but I am essentially saying that a ricochet, upon hitting its deflector is a hare's breath from being stopped or deflected in any direction. To maintain any plane on its intended trajectory would seem to be a miracle.

I have seen very little analysis regarding a Dal Tex shooter so I necessarily have little to go on. I did see one analysis that shows a direct line of fire from Dal Tex, through JFK's approximate location to the curb.

To be sure, I am not arguing for anything. I am just indicating, more or less, what I haven't been able to take off the table.

I find it unfortunate that Ashton Gray strayed from his initial "no neck shot" assertion to the conjecture that someone created the small neck wound. That could have been left for a separate argument.


Cheers, Mike

Edited by Michael Clark
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Michael Clark,

There were far too many witnesses to the back-of-head gaping wound to deny its existence. Roughly twenty medical professionals at Parkland hospital testified to it. See Dr. Aguilar's List of head wound witnesses if you want confirmation or more information.

Clearly the back-of-head wound was edited out of the Zapruder film. Removing such a wound would have been a trivial matter. Enlarge the affected frames, darken the BOH wound, and draw in "the blob" that is supposed to be the real wound on the side of the head. Then photograph the enlargements onto 8 mm film and replace the old frames with the new.

This is not a big deal. I've watched a photographer remove acne scars with a pencil, directly on the negative without enlargement.

If you -- like Michael Walton -- believe the Z film was not altered, then you must necessarily also believe that twenty medical professionals merely imagined the BOH wound. Even the doctor who held Kennedy's head and was able to look down into the wound. And who saw cerebellar material oozing out.

Regarding the neck wound, again you have to ignore many medical witnesses at Parkland who saw the wound, if you don't believe it existed. Even the autopsists at Bethesda were aware of the wound at the autopsy, though they denied it. (They said they learned about it the following morning.) I had a thread on this topic and was able to make a long list of witnesses who said the wound was known about at the autopsy.

You should read some of Robert Prudhomme's threads about frangible bullets if you are wondering what happened to some of the bullets, like the one that his the back and then seemingly disappeared. He and I have participated in a number of threads that discuss the different bullet wounds and how they can be explained.

This gif made by Ashton Gray pretty much proves that the neck wound was behind the collar knot, not above it:



Somehow a projectile went through the shirt behind the tie, but not through the tie itself.

Robert and I independently came up with pretty much the same hypothesis that explains how that wound was made. Both are based to a large extent on the testimony of Lt. Richard Lipsey, who was a witness at the autopsy. But others' testimonies support our theories as well.

A bullet from behind tangentially hit the skull near the external occipital protuberance (EOP). It penetrated the scalp, but not the bone. Instead it tunneled between the scalp and bone, and skidded down into the neck. (This tunneling was testified to by the doctors, but was taken off the record.)

For this to happened, I believe the bullet must have fragmented into two or more pieces upon impact. Each piece would then be carrying less kinetic energy and thus be less likely to break the bone.

The fragments went down the neck. (Some of these fragments were seen by one of the techs on the neck x-ray. I forget which.)

This is where my and Robert's theories differ. In my version, one of the fragments hits the transverse process of one of the vertebrae. (This damage is seen in the chest x-ray). This splinters off a piece of bone, and this splinter exits the front of the throat. It tears through the shirt and hits the back of the tie, nicking it there. It has little kinetic energy left at this point... all it does is pull the tie away from the body and then stops.

Another of the bullet fragments continues down and bruises the apex of the lung. (This wound was testified to.)

In Robert's version, a special frangible bullet is used, one that has a plastic piece at its tip. It is this plastic piece that exits the front of Kennedy's throat.

One day I plan on formally presenting this theory, complete with diagrams showing the bullet trajectory. As of now it is scattered among a number of threads related to the throat wound. Because I was developing the theory during our many discussions.


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