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Who Was "This" Cruz?

Joe Bauer

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DETECTIVE FRANK HAYWARD, a witness for the State, having been duly sworn, testified as follows: 
Q. State your name, please. 
A. Frank Hayward. 
Q. And by whom are you employed? 
A. City of New Orleans, Department of Police. 
Q. How long have you been a member of the New Orleans Police Department? 
A. Approximately eight years. 
Q. And to what division are you now assigned? 
A. I am presently assigned to the Central Lock Up of the Police Department. 
Q. Detective Hayward, during the month of August of 1963, to what division of the New Orleans Police Department were you assigned? 
A. I was then assigned to the First Police District. 
Q. And where is that located? 
A. The commercial section of town. 
Q. I direct your attention, Detective, to the date of August 9th, 1963, and ask you whether or not you had occasion to effect the arrest of anyone from the 700 block of Canal Street? 
A. Yes, sir, my partner and I did arrest four people from that location. 
Q. Who was your partner on that day? 
A. Officer Frank Wilson. 
Q. Would you give the names of the people that you arrested on that day in the 700 block of Canal Street? 
A. I recall the last names of all four subjects, yes, sir. It was Bringuier, Cruz, Hernandez and Oswald. 
Q. For what reason did you arrest these individuals? 
A. We observed the four subjects in that block with a large crowd; a large crowd had gathered and an altercation was taking place between the three Spanish individuals and Mr. Oswald. 
Q. Did you have occasion, besides effecting the arrest of these individuals, to subsequently have them booked in the First District Police Station? 
A. Yes, sir, we did. 
Q. At this time, were you able to ascertain the full name of the individual by the name of Oswald? 
A. He gave the name of Lee, initial "H", Oswald. 
Q. Detective Hayward, I show you what the State has marked S-1 for identification and ask if you have ever seen the individuals depicted in this photograph? 
A. Yes, sir, this is one of the four subjects that we arrested on that date. 
Q. Were you ever able to ascertain the name of that person depicted in that photograph? 
A. Lee H. Oswald. 
Q. Detective Hayward, I now show you what the State marks for the purpose of identification as S-2 and ask you if you have ever seen anyone depicted in those two photographs? 
A. Yes, sir, I recognize the center subject in both photographs as being the same Lee H. Oswald that we arrested. 
Q. Tender the witness. 
No questions. 
Your Honor, the State had no further need of Detective Hayward and asks that he be excused from subpoena, if the Court please? 
Any objection? 
No objection. 
Officer, you are excused. You may leave whenever you desire.

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That's interesting Joe. The question is whether somebody just went with that info to create some fake news. I remember comparing photos of a young Rafael Cruz to the guy who was with Oswald back then. It was inconclusive but the one common feature I did notice was that their foreheads were similar.

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Clay Shaw preliminary hearing testimony.

Am I relating this to Trump/Cruz politics?

Absolutely not.

I read the moderators post stating non-JFK related political threads were being removed from here and re-directed.

The Oswald/Bringuier confrontation in NOLA in August of 1963 is a well known and important part of the Oswald story.

Who this also arrested Cuban Cruz fellow accompanying Bringuier was does intrigue me.

Yes, I wondered if it may have been Rafael Cruz as I believe he was in NOLA at this time. And he was quite active in the anti-Castro movement, even giving talks to various groups about his personal experiences in Cuba culminating with his having to flee because of Castro.  

The identity of the arrested with Oswald Cruz may just be another Cruz. If any researcher of this episode knows who this Cruz was, I would appreciate the correct ID info. 

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